Steve Spagnuolo Should Tone Down Baltimore Ravens Hype

By Andrew Fisher
Steve Spagnuolo
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Steve Spagnuolo is probably just happy to have a job after leading the NFL‘s worst defense in 2012. The former New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator found that job with the Baltimore Ravens as a senior defensive assistant. 2012 was no doubt a forgettable year for Spagnuolo, but he’s already finding reasons to be excited about 2013 and his new team:

“Defensively, wow. I had little visions of the (New York) Giants‘ front that I happened to be privileged to be working with. This is as good a looking football team that I’ve ever seen… I’m talking about physically and stout.”

The Giants team he’s referencing, is of course the Super Bowl team from 2007. You know, the defense that finally stopped Tom Brady and the New England Patriots

While I really like Spagnuolo’s excitement for his new group of defenders, I think he should probably pump the brakes on comparing them to a former Super Bowl champion team. Yes, the Ravens just won a Super Bowl, but this clearly isn’t the same group of guys.

Regardless of whether or not you think Spagnuolo is getting ahead of himself, you do have to admit that the Ravens have done one heck of a job retooling their roster. After it seemed like this team was headed for a last place finish following numerous key departures, the front office folks rallied and replenished the roster with lots of young talent. The biggest addition came in the form of Elvis Dumervil, who was basically a gift following the infamous fax incident.

All in all, the Baltimore Ravens sit in pretty good shape heading into 2013. The defense is going to look completely different, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. There were some aging players on last year’s squad, and now there’s a lot more youth in place. I like where Spagnuolo’s head is at, and I’m sure he’s eager to get back on the right track as a coach, but he should slow down on touting a team that’s yet to take to the field.


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