Cleveland Browns Training Camp Profile: Owen Marecic

By Andrew Fisher
Owen Marecic

Owen Marecic is not a household name across the NFL, mainly because he plays fullback. It’s a position that gets no love, and especially not in the case of Marecic. The now third-year fullback had a bad 2012 season by nearly all accounts. He came into the league with high hopes, after a very solid college career at Stanford. Marecic was the lead blocker for Toby Gerhart during all of his success, and he actually doubled as a linebacker during his final two seasons. For his efforts he won the Paul Hornung Award, which goes to the most versatile collegiate player.

Heading into Cleveland Browns training camp in 2013, Marecic could very well be fighting for his job. For the time being, he’s penciled in as the starting fullback, but that could easily change. Marecic was replaced late last season by backup tight end Alex Smith, so his spot on the roster is far from guaranteed.

Having a top-tier lead blocker in Cleveland is going to be crucial to the team’s success. Trent Richardson needs all the help he can get on this Browns’ offense, and it’s now or never for Marecic to step up to the plate and deliver

The fullback is rarely called upon to carry or catch the football, so his sole responsibilities lie in opening up holes for Richardson, and in protecting quarterback Brandon Weeden. It will be interesting to see if Marecic comes out with a sense of urgency of 2013, because it sounds like he needs to if he wants to keep his job.


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