Top 25 NFL Records That Will Never Be Broken

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Top 25 NFL Records That Will Never Be Broken

Top 25 NFL Records That Will Never Be Broken
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

In determining the 25 most unbreakable records in NFL history, much attention was paid to the ways that the modern professional game is changing.

Backfield committees are becoming more and more preferable. And sensible. Quarterbacks are launching it around more almost every ear. Advances in physical health and medicine leave wonder as to how much longer players and coaches can stick around. By that same token, advances make defensive players all the more dangerous on any given play, making basically any offensive streak in danger due to the brutal power of a hit.

Meanwhile, the storm around concussion effects and management continues to gather. This could certainly play a major role in what rules changes occur down the road and how this affects stats finding their way towards the record books.

Creating any all-time list also involves tough decisions in discerning the value of an era's numbers. I respect that Otto Graham won many consecutive NFL titles, but I don't value that as important as winning three straight post-merger. It's one thing to take the title repeatedly in a small fledgling league, it's another to do so with more than 20 teams competing.

Dealing with passing records was interesting when it came to assembling this list, as the quarterback position as a whole continues to grow in both overall skill and importance. With more and more athletic freaks like Aaron Rodgers or Cam Newton excelling at the position, it will be interesting to see which records survive the longest.

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25) San Francisco 49ers' 21 Consecutive Wins Away From Home

25) San Francisco 49ers' 21 Consecutive Wins Away From Home
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Niners' five Super Bowls over a decade and a half narrowly missed this list (slash felt a little too arbitrary) but San Fran's golden years had to get some love. This streak encompassed two Super Bowl wins and portions of three years. The 2007 Patriots were the last team to get through one regular season without a road loss.

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24) OJ Simpson's 143.1 Run Yards Per Game in a Full Season

24) OJ Simpson's 143.1 Run Yards Per Game in a Full Season
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Simpson racked up this absurd mark back in 1973 when backs only had 14 chances to throw out a dud killing their average. Adrian Peterson's 2012 campaign is perhaps the greatest by a running back in the modern era yet only hit 131.1 yards per game.

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23) Brett Favre's 336 Career Interceptions Thrown

23) Brett Favre's 336 Career Interceptions Thrown
Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Favre blew away runner-up George Blanda's 277 along with many more positive passing records. Peyton Manning, Drew Brees and Eli Manning are the closest active players and none are even close to within 100.

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22) Marshall Faulk, Earl Campbell's Three Consecutive OPOY Awards

22) Marshall Faulk, Earl Campbell's Three Consecutive OPOY Awards
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

To put the difficulty of racking up AP Offensive Player of the Years awards in perspective, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning only boast three combined for their entire careers. Campbell (1978-1980) and Faulk (1999-2001) each three-peated and no one has tallied two in a row since Faulk. Running backs do factor in here at a much higher rate than at QB-dominated MVP and receivers probably will also in the near future.

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21) Barry Sanders' Four Straight 1,500-Yard Rushing Seasons

21) Barry Sanders' Four Straight 1,500-Yard Rushing Seasons
Dale Zanine-USA Today Sports

In today's game topping 1,500 yards provides a decent shot at the rushing title, especially given that it's only happened six times across the league since 2010. It was incredible even back in the more run-heavy days of the NFL as Sanders ripped off those monster years from 1994 to 1997.

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20) Larry Johnson's 416 Carries in a Season

20) Larry Johnson's 416 Carries in a Season
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Johnson's workload in 2006 makes Adrian Peterson's total look light in comparison, which is an incredible feat in today's NFL. The only person to come very close this millenium is Eddie George back in 2000. LeSean McCoy and others might top 30 carries in a game here and there, but team's are just moving away from the overworked-horse mentality.

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19) Craig Morton's 26.7% INT Rate in Playoff Game

19) Craig Morton's 26.7% INT Rate in Playoff Game
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

We'll give the "Doomsday Defense" defense more recognition as this list goes along, but this record officially falls in the Denver Broncos' tally. Denver may have gone 14-2 on their way to a Super Bowl appearance in January 1978, but they benched their quarterback after Morton started the game 4-for-15 with four interceptions, before losing to the Dallas Cowboys 27-10. Hard to imagine how fans would have reacted if this playoff game had happened at Mile High.

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18) Lou Groza Three-peats as League FG Leader

18) Lou Groza Three-peats as League FG Leader
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The nature of field goal attempts is just too random to expect a kicker to lead the league in field goals made three consecutive years again, as Groza did from 1952-1954. Not too mention Groza was just leaps and bounds better than the rest doing it back in the 1950s. The last person to even do it two years in a row was Pete Stoyanovich back in 1990-1991, and each year he merely shared the top total.

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17) Marshall Faulk's 26 TDs Without Fumble in a Season

17) Marshall Faulk's 26 TDs Without Fumble in a Season
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

If I had to choose a list of the top-five running backs all-time, Hall of Fame inductee Faulk would probably have the lowest career rushing yards of the group by far. Obviously, it's his electric moves, nose for paydirt and ability to gash teams in a variety of ways that made him a sublime talent, but what goes most overlooked is his reliability.

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16) Jason Hanson's 21 Seasons With Same Team

16) Jason Hanson's 21 Seasons With Same Team
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The inertia of the free agent era just means more and more players we identify with one pro team will eventually join another. This does not apply just to Peyton Manning or Brett Favre either. It's still weird to see Adam Vinatieri in another jersey. Hanson's 21 years kicking footballs in Detroit (1992-2012) is a testament to loyalty, longevity and good fortune.

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15) Tom Landry's 20 Straight Winning Seasons

15) Tom Landry's 20 Straight Winning Seasons
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Bill Belichick and Co. have done about as amazing a job as you can in this parity-driven league, but the Pats still have eight seasons to go for the tie and Tom Brady's not playing past 45. What Tom Landry's crew did from 1966-1985 is untouchable.

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14) Kerry Collins, Daunte Culpepper Fumble 23 Times in a Season

14) Kerry Collins, Daunte Culpepper Fumble 23 Times in a Season
Daniel Shirley-USA TODAY Sports

Collins and Culpepper were two streaky passers and legendary fumblers. Their paths would cross as Collins limited his turnovers in overcoming Culpepper in the 2001 NFC title game, before Collins coughed it up 23 times in 2001 and Culpepper did the same in 2002. Eventually the fumbling would join other factors in losing each their job. No player over the past five years has even finished in the top 40 all-time for this single-season mark.

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13) Ed Reed's 1,541 Career INT Return Yards

13) Ed Reed's 1,541 Career  INT Return Yards
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Even while Reed has faded through the twilight of his career, he's retained that same incredible knack for being at the right place when a pass is tipped. He has the interception return down to a fine art, and over the past 10 years the Baltimore Ravens defense has found creative ways to turn turnovers into a Reed return show. This number could still move up with Reed on the Houston Texans, and the only player even close to halfway that has a few seasons left in the tank is Charles Tillman at 647 yards. Tillman is 32.

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12) John Riggins' 136 Carries in Single Postseason

12) John Riggins' 136 Carries in Single Postseason
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The way John Riggins singularly pounded the rock to a Super Bowl victory following the 1982 season is the stuff of legend. It is also the stuff of the past, as more and more the postseason is dominated by elite quarterbacks and diversified run offenses to keep guys fresh (enough) into February.

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11) Paul Hornung Misses 26 FGs in a Season

11) Paul Hornung Misses 26 FGs in a Season
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

David Akers attempted a bizarrely high 42 field goals last season, missed a horrifying 13 and surprised no one when he was released after the Super Bowl. Hornung was a centerpiece of the Green Bay Packers offense back in the early 1960s, so his 26 missed field goals in 1964 did not result in him getting kicked to the curb. That would not be the case for today's kicker well before he missed 26, and it's shocking that Akers even made it to 13.

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10) Bernard Pollard's Streak of Ruining the Patriots' Life

10) Bernard Pollard's Streak of Ruining the Patriots' Life
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Pollard has knocked out Tom Brady for a season, hampered Rob Gronkowski for a postseason, knocked out Stevan Ridley in the AFC title, was near Wes Welker when he went down in a meaningless Week 17 game and now it turns out that he was the last person to tackle at Aaron Hernandez. I know that's ultimately irrelevant to the murder case, but you can't make this stuff up.

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9) Jim Brown's 8 Rushing Titles

9) Jim Brown's 8 Rushing Titles
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Brown's eight rushing titles come from a bygone era but I'm OK with that for the purposes of this list. Nowadays, running back by committee is en vogue and it's hard to get to through a full 16 games pounding without injury, let alone the rushing title. No one else has more than four rushing titles, so this seems pretty safe.

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8) Derrick Thomas' 7 Sacks in a Game

8) Derrick Thomas' 7 Sacks in a Game
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Derrick Thomas made David Krieg's life a living misery on one fateful afternoon in November 1990. I'd imagine if Von Miller was going hog-wild to the tune of five sacks by the fourth quarter, the opposing team would begin devoting every blocker they have to him. Seven sacks is just too absurd; my tip of the cap to Thomas.

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7) Dick "Night Train" Lane's 14 INTs in a Season

7) Dick "Night Train" Lane's 14 INTs in a Season
Mike Carter--USA TODAY Sports

It feels like "Night Train" Lane makes every historical list I ever write, and he deserves it thanks to his 14-interception year in 1952. Today's NFL coaches and offensive coordinators are smart and attentive enough to generally stay away from a guy once he starts approaching double-digit picks mark, and I'd be surprised to see anyone hit 15.

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6) Tampa Bay Buccaneers' 26-Game Losing Streak

6) Tampa Bay Buccaneers' 26-Game Losing Streak
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

The Bucs spent the first 26 games of their existence losing and losing repeatedly, going 0-14 in 1976 and 0-12 to start 1977. This combines for the worst losing streak in the league to this day. Hey, even the Jacksonville Jaguars can find a way to win now and then in the modern NFL.

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5) Brett Favre's 321 Straight Quarterback Starts

5) Brett Favre's 321 Straight Quarterback Starts
Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Peyton Manning sort of had a shot at this record until spinal stenosis issues took him out for a year. Still, Manning's 227 consecutive starts at the quarterback position is probably as close as anyone will get to Brett Favre's the 321. The closest current streak is younger bro Eli's 146.

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4) Baltimore Ravens' 165 Regular-Season Points Allowed

4) Baltimore Ravens' 165 Regular-Season Points Allowed
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The 2000 Ravens somehow allowed only 165 points and it hasn't even been sniffed in the time since. The closest challenger in the ensuing the years came from the 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, an all-time great defense that still gave up 196 points during the regular season.

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3) Jerry Rice's Career Receiving Yards Record

3) Jerry Rice's Career Receiving Yards Record
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Calvin Johnson may have just smashed Jerry Rice's regular-season receiving yards record, but Rice holds the three career records that probably won't get touched in receptions, touchdowns and receiving yards. I think the most impressive of these is the career yards total which stands nearly 7,000 yards in front of second-placed Terrell Owens. Andre Johnson is almost halfway at 22,895 yards.

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2) AFC's 13 Consecutive Super Bowl Losses

2) AFC's 13 Consecutive Super Bowl Losses
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

With all the parity in today's NFL and the odds of winning a single-elimination game never close to certain, it's almost humorous that the NFC won 13 consecutive Super Bowls from 1985 to 1997. Granted, pretty much half of this was the San Francisco 49ers or NFC East just whipping up on John Elway and the Denver Broncos or the Buffalo Bills, but it's still hard to imagine this kind of one-conference dominance happening in the free agent era.

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1) Emmitt Smith's Career Rushing Yards Record

1) Emmitt Smith's Career Rushing Yards Record
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

To put Emmitt Smith's breadth of work in perspective, the closest active player to his career rushing total has barely passed the halfway mark; and we all know Steven Jackson isn't breaking that at only 26th on the career list right now. Smith's 18,355-yard mark had one man with any chance at beating it and Barry Sanders retired young.

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    Did your editor fall asleep?

  • Jeff Hankins

    Yeah right! Seven, 14 who’s counting

  • Jonathan Howard

    Where is, Tom Brady’s 50 touchdown passes in one season?

    • landback

      Marino held the record for 20 years. Manning held the record for 3 years, Brady has held the record for 5 years. With the ever increasing focus on passing the ball, do you really think it’s really that unlikely for someone to hit 51? Brees, Brady, both Mannings, Luck, Rodgers, too many great qbs for that number not to fall by 2020.

      Factor this: In the 2011 season, Rodgers threw for 45 tds. He was injured part of the year and his backup threw 6 tds.(sure it was in one game, but if Flynn could do it so could Rodgers) 45 and 6 means a new record. To think that the single season tds record belongs on this list is laughable.

      • HitchensImmortal .

        He wasn’t injured, they sat him for week 17.

    • Chad P

      PFM is on pace to break it this season! Why in the world would it be on a list of unbreakable records?!

    • Jay Ramone

      you really believed that? amend it to: “where is Peyton Manning’s 55 touchdown passes in one season?” bwahahaha

  • aavee8or

    How about the 99-yard touchdown run from Dallas’ Tony Dorsett?

    • MikeofAges

      Can only be tied, under the rules.

    • Bob_Knows

      Dorset fumbled so much he lost more games than he won.

  • OneBigFight

    No need for the low blow stab at the Jags.

  • Twins 163

    ap is going to break emmits record

    • Rationally Skeptical

      AP is a great back, and probably the best back in the league. He’s probably the best back the league has seen in a long time. He already has a good career even if he never gains another yard, and he needs to have another good career worth of yards to catch Emmit. Father time and the possibility of injury (especially with AP’s style) have a better chance of prevailing than the great Viking has.

  • ET

    wow the AFC really sucks, the NFC is where it’s at

  • Bob

    How about Steve O’Neils 99 yard punt for the Jets in the ’60′s!

    • MikeofAges

      Again, under the rules, it can only be tied.

  • Michael J Salomone

    How is Joe D’s record not on this list?

    • Richard

      Because its NFL, idiot.

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        Thanks, I must have left my reading glasses on your mom’s nightstand, dick.

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    didn’t one applicable thing that related to thesubject

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      You are better suited as a baseball fan. Keep on purchasing titles.

  • 13WorldTitles

    How about any of the many NFL records owned by Packers great Don Hutson??? Hutson is credited with creating many of the modern pass
    routes used in the NFL today. He was the dominant receiver of his day
    and is widely considered to be one of the greatest receivers in NFL
    history, holding almost all important receiving records at the time of
    his retirement. As of the end of the 2012 NFL season, Hutson still holds
    the following records: Most seasons leading league in pass receptions
    (8), Most consecutive seasons leading league in pass receptions (5),
    Most seasons leading league in pass receiving yards gained (7), Most
    consecutive seasons leading league in pass receiving yards gained (4),
    Most seasons leading league in pass receiving touchdowns (9), most
    seasons leading the league in total touchdowns (8), Most consecutive
    seasons leading league in pass receiving touchdowns (5), Most seasons
    leading league in scoring (5), and Most consecutive seasons leading
    league in scoring (5) (Source: NFL Record and fact book).

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    Didn’t the 70′s Steelers have a SB team where every player had only played for one team: Pittsburgh ?

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      Franco ended his career in Seattle

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        yep franco “sideline” harris lol

    • Sacbuc71

      Mike Webster was on all four Steeler Super Bowl teams, but finished his career in Kansas City.

  • Robert Quigney

    The record that I think will last forever is 347. Don Shula won 347 games as head coach. To get 348, someone would have to go 12-4 for 29 years in a row. Nobody wins that much, and nobody coaches that long anymore.

  • jr240483

    stupidest list ever. What about Don Shula’s 347 career wins. that is one record that will NEVER be broken

    • Tom Cavendish

      Coach Belichick will shatter that number.

      • ConfoundedSoc

        …… WIth this being his last season? How is that exactly? He would need 149 more wins. That would be 15 wins a year if he coached then next 10 years. We all know he’s a failure as a head coach without Brady. Since this Brady’s last year, it’s his as well.

  • Guest

    Eli Manning now has 15 interceptions on the 2013 season.

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  • Doug Chance

    Uh hello. Ravens giving up 165 regular season points isn’t even a record. The 76 Steelers allowed 138, which given the 14 game season is 9.9 a game.

    • Elmo Blatch

      Actually the 1977 Falcons with the Gritz Blitz held teams to the least points in NFL history. The Falcons’ 129 points allowed not only led the league, but established an all-time NFL record for fewest points allowed in a 14-game NFL season

      • Doug Chance

        Thanks for pointing that out. It’s too bad that record is obscured by the poor w/l record of the Falcons. But, there are still a lot of reasons I would rate the 76 Steelers D higher than the 77 Falcons. Five shutouts (compared to two by the Falcons), a tougher schedule, and the fact that, as winners of the two previous Super Bowls, they had a giant target on their back.

        Their slow start is on them, but still, they gave up twice as many points in the first 4 games as they did in the remaining 10 (92 – 46).

        See for a more detailed analysis.

    • Tom Driver

      you cant compare points scored in the 70′s to points scored in the modern football era. ravens record stands alone because of that

  • Pizza the Hut

    E Smith=Compiler

    Also with the pass friendly league that the NFL is today Rice’s record will fall quite easily one day.

  • Mike G

    Glad Favre is on this list for his INT record. Never liked him.

  • Byron

    This is a lame list. The buffalo Bills four straight super bowl appearances and loses is untouchable. I could not possibly imagine a team even making it to four straight super bowls, let alone losing all of them

    • Bob_Knows

      Denver shares the record for most SB losses

      • Bob_Knows

        Update: Denver now owns the record for losing the most Superbowls. XLVIII > 43-8

    • Bradley Scott Campbell

      and winning more games in that 4 year stretch than anyone ever. they were formidable.none of those players should ever feel ashamed, they are certified bad asses. my heroes!

  • HitchensImmortal .

    Yeah, no one’s breaking Favre’s TD record, either, so thanks for focusing on the lesser, negative stat.

    • pwayne1974 .

      Manning will own it next yr

      • HitchensImmortal .


        • JVP3122

          Sorry to rain on your parade, HitchensImmortal, but Peyton is only 17 touchdown passes away from tying Favre’s record, so he’ll definitely break that next year. He’ll likely do it within the first half season next year.

          • SWAGMONSTER

            Peyton is definitely breaking that record!

  • Jimmy the C

    I can’t remember the season, but Sammy Baugh led the league in passing and as a defense back had the most interceptions. He also led the league in punting.

    • Jay Ramone

      yep, and he completed 70.3% of his passes with a fat, slick football,….

  • 70Cinema_Writer11

    Calling out Favre’s interception number is an easy hit, but any football watcher knows that interception numbers are only meaningful in relation to touchdown numbers. If you compare Favre’s interception to TD ratio, you’ll realize that his performance overall was actually pretty acceptable, no worse than any other comparable QB who’s played that position over the long haul and put up big numbers. INT on its own is meaningless.

    • CapitalistPig

      A lot of football stats are trash. Teams have “good passing defense” because offenses run all over them, or are at the top of the league in passing–because they’re playing from behind so are throwing into prevent defenses so they pile up an extra 100 yards of meaningless offense.
      Sacks aren’t as important as pressures & overall tackles for loss, penalties are like fouls in basketball–some penalties are smart. A D-lineman times the snap & gets a monster sack & fumble–so what if he takes the occasional offside penalty?–it’s the price of doing business.
      Even the occasional holding call beats losing your QB for the year–& you get the down over. It’s procedure penalties….dopey substitution, to many men on the field, lined up wrong, motion penalties–those are the ones that kill you–not overall penalty figures. Oakland used to the lead the league every year–& that was when they were winning back in the 70s & 80s.

    • Wyatt Holland

      Favre’s problem was he threw a lot of them the way Tony Romo does. Romo has great “passer ratings” and stuff…but he’ll cough up the ball when it counts the most. Favre used to do that a lot too. One of his last passes was an INT in a playoff game if I remember right.

      We can probably look forward to Peyton Manning doing the same this year in the playoffs. Both those guys are quite a bit more like Tony Romo than people want to admit.

  • distillerman

    OJ Simpson’s record of getting away with TWO murders. Beats Ray Lewis and Aaron Hernandez, hands down.

    • louluna

      But he’s where he belongs today lets just hope he dies there


        Everything of, about, and concerning this person should be erased from history. He does not deserve even a reasonable mention of any kind or degree anywhere. I have grown more than weary of any mention of this persons name and personage. His so called celebrity status should be deleted from all sources and records. He does not deserve any notoriety of any kind whatsoever. The same with any other murderer especially Carrot Top in Denver. It boggles my mind to see that the media almost celebrates these negative events every year when the so called “aniversary” of these events come around. It is like they prize the villain higher more than the hero. Dictators get more press than the nice people do.

    • Spice Man

      You might be wrong there….bud…Aaron Hernadez is also being investigated for 2 murders in 2012….that would bring him to 3 total…just saying.

      • Noobaruto

        If you read, “record of getting away with 2 murders”. Aaron Hernandez can only beat that record if he got away with 3 of those investigations…I guess we shall see.

  • CapitalistPig

    I could have run for 10,000 yards behind the Dallas Cowboys line that Emmit Smith ran behind–throw in Troy Aikman reading defenses & a deadly effective medium range passing game with good receivers to always keep the defense honest (no 9 man fronts…..Aikman would pick you clean) & I can’t imagine any reasonably talented back not having a HOF career.
    Put E. Smith behind the line that Walter Payton ran behind the 1st 5 years of his career & no way does he put up the same numbers—I watched em both & I don’t think I missed a game of either players career.
    I like Emmit Smith don’t get me wrong, but Payton, LaDanian Tomlinson, Barry Sanders—-those guys might have cracked 20,000 yards rushing running in that offense their entire career.

    • Wyatt Holland

      I don’t think you did watch Emmitt Smith with that comment. But you aren’t alone. Many people have transformed that average O-line into “the greatest O-line ever”. Newton, Gogan, and Tuinei were all around long before Emmitt got there and no one ever thought they were “great” before they blocked for Emmitt. Stepnoski and FB Johnston also joined the team a year before Emmitt when they collectively blocked for Paul Palmer’s 446 yards and went 1-15. Yeah…I’m sure a 1-15 team had “the greatest O-line of all time”.

      Note that Emmitt made the Pro Bowl first…then the O-line began to get voted it as John Madden started talking about them every week (same thing happened with Bill Bates of the Cowboys).

      Also note that the Cowboys had no trouble replacing O-linemen when Emmitt was in his prime. Gogan and Stepnoski both left and were instantly replaced with new “great” linemen. The Cowboys NEVER missed. But…suddenly by an amazing coincidence…the Cowboys utterly lost that ability when Emmitt got older and retired and couldn’t find a good O-lineman for years and years.

      Aikman? Yeah right…he’s lucky he had Smith because once Emmitt got old he was completely unable to carry the team like other great QB’s can do. RB’s wear down way quicker than QB’s…what happened to Aikman?

      Very interesting that “great teammates” are always held against Smith…..but never is that held against Jerry Rice. Smith even joined a 1-15 team as a rookie while Rice joined the defending SB champs! No WR had a better situation than Rice but he gets all the credit for his numbers. Two HoF QB’s….revolutionary passing offense…weak division.

      Same with Jim Brown. He ran behind 4 HoF O-linemen during his career but that is never held against him. If Smith had the “best line ever”…they’d better start putting ALL of them in the HoF or get the nonsense out of here.

      • CapitalistPig

        Actually, I couldn’t agree with you more on Jerry Rice & have said so in musings with other fans. I thought he was a very good/greatish player–in an absolutely perfect situation & stayed in one virtually through his entire career save maybe the very end (Oakland & Seattle). When the Niners trade Montana–in steps Steve Young & they don’t miss a beat.
        You leave out the best 2 linemen the Boys had–Larry Allen & Eric Williams. You can’t fake or understate Allen’s raw ability & Williams wasn’t far behind until the car crash.
        2 beasts at the tackle position plus essentially another in the backfield in Johnston.
        I don’t believe I missed a game Payton played & it just broke your heart to watch a guy have to break 2 tackles just to get to the line of scrimmage on most every play & always, always a 9 man front because Da Bears had no QB. That’s personal observation.
        Smith routinely was given holes that any ordinary back would die for then he was taking on safeties & lunging linebackers rather than lineman & gap plugging squared up linebackers. I don’t think I ever saw a 9 man front once the Boys had the nucleus of that offense together–you simply couldn’t risk it with the different ways you’d get beat.
        Don;t get me wrong, I liked Smith—but there’s simply no comparison to him & Payton……Smith, frankly was the “Jerry Rice” of running backs.

        • Wyatt Holland

          Interesting since Payton is also underrated by fans. You may recall when he broke Brown’s record that some were quick to demean Payton….the same treatment Emmitt got. I put both Payton and Smith in the same category. Both were monster blockers and pass catchers with a giant heart. Fans don’t notice stuff like that with running backs though. The lack of flash makes fans underrate both….fans act like breaking the most coveted record in the NFL is an easy thing.

          I watched both of them. I saw the immediate impact Smith made on the Cowboys. He had a nose for the first down marker and the end zone that I’ve never seen in any other RB. (There is a reason why his TD total is so far ahead of any other RB) And as great as Payton was at blocking…I think Emmitt was even better. I think I saw him miss his first block in 1998. You could put a highlight reel together of just his blocks…..he saved Aikman’s butt so many times…probably added years to Aikman’s carreer.

          I know you didn’t watch Emmitt now because you claimed he always had huge holes to run through. You no doubt are referencing that one giant hole they made in that Giants game….recall they showed footage of Emmitt coming to the sideline afterward answering a teammate’s “Did you see that hole?” with an incredulous “Did I SEE it?” If this was a routine thing they certainly would have not be so amazed by it.

          Kevin Gogan admitted that Emmitt made them look good…not the other way around. He was heard to remark in a film session upon watching Emmitt break many tackles and turn a loss into a big gain…”Yeah….we made that run” There is a reason why that team went 3-13 and 1-15 before Emmitt arrived and Aikman was battered like a rag doll his rookie year (and in fact didn’t play the entire season due to injury). No one was putting those guys in the Pro Bowl or even talking about them. Nate Newton was a journeyman at best (cut by the Redskins). Tuinei was a converted defensive lineman.

          There were members of the line who had plenty of time to prove they were great before Emmitt and they couldn’t do it. Aikman had plenty of time after Emmitt’s prime to prove he was great and could elevate a team and also could not do it. The Cowboys have had more than enough time to show they can pick up random free agents and later round draft picks to secure “great linemen” and have proved they can not do that. Only when Emmitt was in his prime were all these people able to excel. Quite a coincidence. They even proved they could not win without him when they dropped both games he missed during a holdout in 1993. Yep…they were all at the top of their game with JJ as the coach having just won their first SB a few months before. Yet without Emmitt they looked lost.

          I left out Allen because he came later….after Emmitt had already secured a spot in the HoF and carried the Cowboys to two championships. Allen played in just one Super Bowl. He’s a beast…the ONE O-lineman the Cowboys drafted who actually was great. He will be the sole member of that line to make it to the HoF….believe it.

          Jerry Rice had the perfect situation. He joined the SB champ…Emmitt joined a 1-15 team. Rice played in the weakest division in football…Emmitt played in the toughest division in football. The equivalent perfect situation for a RB would be a line that had 4 or 5 HoF players (Like Jim Brown) in a weak division.

          This idea that breaking the all time rushing mark and setting it so far out of reach that no one may ever break it is no big deal is frankly absurd. It takes enormous talent to do that. I’m a little surprised a Payton fan would do that after what he endured when he broke it. But then….the Bears are not as hated as the Cowboys either. Emmitt was the best thing to happen to Payton’s legacy really.

          • CapitalistPig

            I think you’re misunderstanding me, I really like Emmit Smith—all I’m saying is that all things being equal, having watched both players careers closely & the teams they were on—I’d pick Payton in a heartbeat (& a few others) & believe he would’ve run that record up even higher–mostly based on watching that kid when he came out of Jackson St. He was a buzz-saw! But no blocking & no offense around him at all—game after game of getting pounded in the backfield–but the guy kept making yards, season after season of almost nothing but 9 man fronts. I never saw Smith deal with that on a game to game basis.
            Coaches keep stats on down field tackling & it was known around the league that Smith wasn’t hit at the line that often but was almost always past the L.O. scrimmage before he encountered his 1st hit—again, not an official statistic but instructive when rating the blocking in front of him & one NFL coaches follow closely. But it’s one of things you don’t really have to quantify–you can see it plain as day when you watched..

          • Wyatt Holland

            I still don’t think you really watched objectively if you think Smith almost always was past the line of scrimmage. I’ve pointed out that the O-line did not perform that well before Smith and the line later fell apart after he started to decline….permanently since the Cowboys have been proving year after year they cannot build a “great O-line” ever since.

            Is it an amazing coincidence that the one period where the line looked great was when Emmitt was in his prime? I don’t think so. And not just ONE line….they kept changing players and the line still looked great as long as Emmitt was in his prime. Both Stepnoski and Gogan left and were replaced with no problem. The Cowboys actually used THREE different centers (the most important position on the line) during Emmitt’s prime with no ill effects.

            Is it possible that Payton would have also elevated those mediocre linemen to “great” as well? Sure…Payton was amazing too. But those who watched those guys before Emmitt got there know what they really were. The John Madden hype distorted reality for a lot of people.

            What was “known around the league” is a pretty vague statement. Do you remember the coaches poll in the early 90s where they were asked to choose between Smith and Sanders…and they chose Smith? There is a reason for that. Coaches don’t care about flashy running. They liked the fact that Smith never fumbled, blocked like a lineman, was a great receiver, played hurt, was tough as nails, and could find the end zone better than any other RB.

            I still will point out that the 90s O-line cannot be looked at as one of the all time great lines until several members enter the Hall of Fame. I do not believe any other member other than Allen will make it in. There have been many other O-lines with multiple members in the Hall of Fame (Again…Jim Brown ran behind one of them) so Smith certainly did not run behind “the greatest O-line of all time”.

          • CapitalistPig

            I’d pick Emmit Smith over Barry Sanders in a heartbeat…loved watching the flashy runs but the guy killed to many drives giving up ground trying to break off long runs. I’ll take 10 8yd runs over 1 80yd run with 9 drives killed due to losing yardage any day.
            Most of those guys on the Cowboy O-line made multiple Pro-Bowls but it usually is only tackles, especially left tackles, that make the HOF.

          • Wyatt Holland

            They made Pro Bowls sure….AFTER Emmitt showed up. Newton, Tuinei had years to make some noise and no one even knew their name until Emmitt got there. Kevin Gogan showed up in 87 and also remained anonymous until Emmitt got there.

            My exact feelings about Sanders as well. I’ve always thought Sanders had more physical talent, but Smith was the better football player. Sanders was a bit like Wilt Chamberlin….massive physical talent…but very little heart to play the game. Quitting early is an indictment of his character…not an excuse for why he didn’t achieve more.

          • CapitalistPig

            I have mixed feelings on the character issue. On the one hand you hate to see a guy quit when he can still play–you wonder how much heart he had in it. But on the other hand I hate to see a guy hang around just for the fat checks or because of guaranteed money he would lose quitting. If he has the bucks & wants to get out while he still has some semblance of good health I guess that’s his choice. There’s a case to made for a guy who is essentially saying “I’m stealing this teams money & shafting my teammates by hanging around not putting my heart & soul in this, so I’m not taking it”—& moving on.

          • Edwin Glaspie

            All the Dallas haters should just grow up and recognize greatness for what is.Emmitt did it. I don’t care who could have done it or who would have done it if only. He did do it and no one can say if the record will ever be broken

          • Jay Ramone

            “…very little heart to play the game. Quitting early is an indictment of his character…” Bullspit! shuddup if you don’t know the facts, 1. Barry didn’t want to risk his health playing for the Lions who didn’t do enough to improve the team. 2. he had too much respect for Payton to try to break his record, unlike smith who played until he was what, 40?

          • WyattHolland

            IN other words, he had very little heart to play the game.

            1-I understand that Sanders did not want to be injured. I feel the same way about my body. That’s why I could never be like Emmitt Smith…who played through injury and put everything on the line to win. He carried the team to the SB with a separated shoulder. Yet another reason why I would want Smith on my team.

            2-Most NFL players play for teams that will never win a SB. Most of them keep playing as long as they can though because they love playing. Smith loved the game. You only missed by 5 year…he played until he was 35. I don’t blame him. Most professional athletes play as long as they can. They have extremely short careers. Imagine having to quit doing what you love in your 30s. Sanders is a rare exception who just lost the desire to play….yet another reason to have Smith instead.

            3-”respect for Payton”. What kind of competitor does not even TRY to break a record? (though this sounds like something you made up) You can have him frankly…and I’ll enjoy beating your team with guys who want to break records. Yet another reason to have Smith instead of Sanders. Walter Payton himself knew that Smith was worth of it (as is anyone who breaks that record…you can’t do it without being worth): This from Walter’s brother: “Walter is looking down smiling from ear to ear. He once said that if anybody breaks his record, he hopes it is Emmitt because he would do it with the class and the dignity that the record represents,” says Eddie Payton

          • Jay Ramone

            no no no if emmit played for the Lions, NO WAY would he have done nearly as well and if Barry played for the boys, he would have gotten 2,000 yards a season more than once….

          • WyattHolland

            Anyone could say “would have”.

            The same complaint about the O-line in Detroit would be directed at those guys in Dallas if Sanders ran behind them. He made O-linemen look bad. Can’t block if you don’t know where the runner is going. Ad libbing looks great on ESPN, but you don’t win that way.

            Not one of those guys made a Pro Bowl until they started blocking for Emmitt Smith.

    • RogerandShelley Sandmann

      From 1990 to 2002 Emmitt played behind 5 different centers, 4 different right tackles, 9 different right guards, 5 different left guards and 4 different left tackles. What was the only constant in in that time span? Emmitt. All this talk of Smith only being good because his line was great is complete bull.

      • CapitalistPig

        Well, that’s what makes sports fun. I know I saw what I saw. Love Emmitt–I’m a Cowboys fan here in TX (after Da Bears!),,,,,but I’d still take Payton, Tomlinson or even a somewhat more disciplined Barry Sanders over Smith.

  • Ernie Shreve

    George Blanda’s 26 years in the league as a player will not happen again

    • Bob_Knows

      Most Total carrer points. Nobody else is even close to Blanda.

      • Jon Phillips

        What? There are multiple players above him. Gary Anderson, Morten Andersen, John Carney, Matt Stover, Jason Hanson, and Adam Vinatieri are all over his 2002 career points, even his 26 years isn’t completely untouchable, Morten Andersen did 25, Gary 23, it will probably fall eventually.

        • Bob_Knows

          Gary Anderson, kicker, total points scored 2,434. Morton Anderson, kicker, total points scored 2,544. John Caey, kicker total points scored: 2062. etc. George Blanda, QB, kicker, and runner, total career points passing, running, and kicking: 3,418 It is unlikely anyone will ever exceed Blanda’s total points record

          • Jon Phillips

            I understand where you are getting those numbers from, but in case you didn’t know, passing tds don’t count on the total points list, as they didn’t actually score the points.,, and any other football site you can name lists the NFL alltime leading scorer as Morten Anderson. will show you George Blanda, scroll down to scoring summary and it breaks it down further, passing TDs dont count. You may not know that, or you may know and just be pointing out an additive stat for fun, in which case I apologize, not trying to argue over anything, just pointing out the recognized alltime leading scorers, Blanda is officially 7th by every recognized standard with 2002 points.

          • Bob_Knows

            I understand your carefully crafted BS, Jon, but Blanda scored the most points of any player whether the BS media wants to admit it or not. Its a record that will never be broken, and its a lot more important than most of the BS nonsense listed in this article.

          • Jon Phillips

            Now you’re just mad, bro. No matter what you may concoct in your mind, the NFL has never, for any QB, counted their TD passes as points scored for them, because….wait for it….THEY didn’t score the points. I know you badly want to be right, its eating you alive, you just HAVE to be right, but you aren’t. Blanda scored 2002 points, and is not the alltime leading scorer, no matter how mad it makes you, no matter how you try to twist it, it will NEVER change. Unless he threw TD passes to himself, which he didnt, ALL of his TDs thrown were caught by his teammates in the endzone, not him. That makes them THEIR points scored, not his.

  • justininian

    What a Stupid List, with all the New Sissy rules in place today,every offensive record can be broken, so get real. The NFL should stand for the National Fairy League. It’s now a punk ass sissy sport.

    • John Yowza

      I agree. I wonder if that is why Goodell always gets booed on draft day. Every year he gets booed – hilarious.

  • Tom Boston

    Brady threw 5 TD’s in one quarter. 6 will never happen.

  • OrthoStice

    I am no Biblical scholar, but I am guessing that Psalms 91 is not the part of the Old Testament that includes the phrase “thou shalt not kill.”

  • Stu Pudasso

    Derrick Thomas did get seven sacks that game, but on the last play of the game, he had his hands on Kreig, who slipped away and threw the winning TD. And he taught us all to always wear our seatbelts.

  • magnusrobot12

    How can #5 not be #1?

  • Jay Ramone

    crapola! Barry Sanders 4 straight 1,500 yd seasons blah blah Helllooooo? ERIC DICKERSON is the ONLY back to have 4 straight 1,700 yard seasons! do more research in the future, will ya?

    • Travis Kane

      Ummm where did you get your info on Eric Dickerson having 4 straight 1,700 yard seasons? He rushed for over 1,700 in 3 out of 4 seasons. His first 2 seasons he rushed for 1,800+ and the 2,105 the following year. The rushed for over 1,200+ his third season. So please take your own advice and research as well.


    AP is 7000 away from the #1 record. and Sanders wouldve easily hit 20,000 if he continued playing

    • Jon Phillips

      He would need 8,240 yards to tie the record, and he is 28. If he could play until 34, which most RBs cant, he would need to average 1373 yards a season for the next 6 seasons, while advancing to an age most RBs retire, on a bad team, with all defenses gunning for him. He will never break that record.


        AP will take Smith’s record and shove it up his Dallasssss. Smith wasn’t even the best back in his day. He had the O line of the century,
        he was hard to tackle, but not even close to AP overall. You got to be a Dallasss fan. Pardon me while I go blow star chunks.

        • Jon Phillips

          No, I am not actually, but good try. I gave sound, logical reasoning in my post, that based on his age and the fact that ALL running backs slow down over 30, it is highly unlikely he will break it. Not impossible, but highly unlikely. You seem to have responded only with raw emotion, and the logic of a high school kid. When you can debate things like an adult with logic to report your assessments, I welcome you to come back. Say, 3-5 years, around the time you turn 21?

        • RMFS

          Star chunks is my dog. Have fun ’cause I’m sure he’ll enjoy it!

        • effjay4

          AP has two 1000 yd seasons left and the party is OVER.

      • World Wide Waco

        Vikings are much improved which only means the probability of him being traded has escalated look for a team like Denver to attempt to get him if he ever has a chance to go elsewhere if so he will DESTROY rb records in order…he may not get 1400/year but he could get 2000 3 yrs running and then drop to 1000-1100 for 4 years

  • ArmyVet31

    What about career interceptions? Paul Krause has 81 and retired in 1979. Closest in the modern era was Ron Woodson who had 71.

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  • OCRick

    #4) the Ravens 165 Points… Not good enough- ave 10.3 pts. per game

    1976 STEELERS 138 points,- ave 9.8 per game… Including over the last 9 GAMES

    5 Shut Outs
    28 total points, ave 3.1 points per game
    8 Pro Bowl Defenders were Steelers

    • duckychill

      Exactly, if someone wants to argue the 2000 Ravens had a better single season defense because they won the Super Bowl that’s one thing. But if you’re talking about a record the 1976 Steelers are the points allowed champions

      • Jay Ramone

        not so fast, look up Jerry Glanville’s “Gritz Bltz” defense with the Falcons that gave up only 9.2 points a game….

        • duckychill

          there you go, two defenses ahead of the 2000 Ravens in regards to that record

    • rangerider

      That was an amazing Steelers team:-)

      • World Wide Waco

        not quite did not win Superbowl…but the D was truly special

  • duckychill

    Here’s the problem with the #4 record on this list, Baltimore giving up 165 points (16 game season) for an astounding 10.31 points per game. While truly amazing, I don’t understand how this should beat out the 1976 Steelers which allowed only 138 points (14 game season) which is 9.85 points per game! Not even a mention. Yes the 2000 Ravens won the Super Bowl with that defense and the 1976 Steelers did not, but this isn’t an argument of who was the better single season defense just the record and 9.85 beats 10.31

  • Bob_Knows

    George Blanda’s Total Career Points counting kicking, running and throwing. He’s so far out in front that the NFL won’t even call it an official statistic. What could be more important than TOTAL POINTS?

  • Scott

    Calvin Johnson is actually well beyond Rice’s pace in terms of catches and yards at the age of 28. So….of course most of these are unlikely to be broken anytime soon, but many of these are at least likely to be broken at some point.

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  • Eric Youngstrom

    AD will kill Emmitts YDS record.

    • semmy

      And no he won’t.

    • World Wide Waco

      I agree Peterson has demonstrated that eventually the RB position will again be the featured o position and then all RB records will fall…if Peterson ever got traded to a team like Denver he would destroy ALL rb records

  • Mstaudinger

    Paul Krause with 81 career interceptions, Ed Reed at 64 and Charles Woodson @ 56 are the only active players within 25….and they are not playing for the 4+ years to match the record.

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  • Tom Cavendish

    Eli is coming for your interception record Brett. Better make a comeback.

  • RogerandShelley Sandmann

    Brett Favre shouldn’t even be on this list, or hold the record for starts. Without being addicted to painkillers he never would have played many of those games. It’s a bogus record.

  • EqualTime

    Why not the 109 yard interception or kickoff return, or the 99 yard runs from scrimmage. Unlike the records above, these records literally cannot be broken.

  • thankgodimretired

    What morons write these articles? Beside the two below Jets Steve O’Neal vs Broncos in ’69 punts from his 1 yd line, lands on the Broncos 1 yd line. 98 yds, can’t be broken, could be tied, but not broken,

  • Ray Peyatt

    Jim Brown’s 5.2 yards per carry over his career won’t be broken.

    • World Wide Waco

      Totally disagree, I don’t think any running back record is safe not even LDT’s TD record for a season…Right now Passing is accented but one thing about the NFL things always return to the norm…which is being able to block run & play defense…once we hit the outer limit on the pass happy O’s there is going to be a run oriented offense that tears everyone up after all teams D’s are biased to nickle packages and more speedy Mikes with even safeties playing mike like Denver will be doing a lot of this year with Ward…eventually that will be something to exploit and then all of a sudden RB will be the high paid position again and the best of the best will be looking at that position same way safety and receiver are premium positions today…its an ebb and flow…you’ll see give it 5 years and we will be back to run happy teams in the NFL again

  • 57nomad

    Here Is one that they missed and will NEVER be broken. Single game passing record:

    Norman Van Brocklin: 554 yards.

    • World Wide Waco

      I think that Manning & Denver have the potential to break that record but there are not a lot of pushovers on the schedule…last year Manning came out against oakland in the first half with full game stats if he had stayed in that was a REAL possibility, Oakland has really improved but so has Denver so look for a chance when Denver plays Oakland TWICE this year…possible but certainly not probable

      • 57nomad

        Very true, however, and this dates me, the first football game I ever saw my dad dragged me to at the LA Coliseum was the Rams and 49ers, Y A Title at QB for the Niners and Norman Van Brocklin for the Rams. Goal posts at the front of the end zone, no face masks. Elroy Hirsch caught an 80 TD pass on the first play of the day. 101,000 people in the stadium. Completely different time, different America.

  • Spice Man

    Dude, you’re wrong….Pats currently have 13 straight winning seasons (2001-present) so only need 7 to tie….Brady will be around for at least 4 more and I trust Belichick to find his replacement by then….hell, BB won 11 games with freakin’ Matt Cassell at the helm in ’08 for 15 3/4 games! I can see this record falling!

  • brian

    Brees has a good chance at the int record. he throws 15 to 20 per season play 5 years and he has it

  • Odis Lee

    I remember when Babe Ruth’s record would never be broken. Until 36 years later Hank Aaron broke it. Or Roger Maris depending on who you ask. And then their unbreakable records were broken by Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa 37 years after that. And then 3 years after that Barry Bonds broke the new unbreakable record. The point is, no record is unbreakable.

  • $100950690

    Peyton Manning’s Super Bowl Choke INTs.

  • HarryKrentz

    Paul Krause’s record 81 career interceptions has held for over 35 years.

  • SlammoFandango

    #1 is the most obvious to fall..

  • fgoodwin

    Where is Tony Dorsett’s 99-yard TD run? It can be tied, but by definition (unless they change the dimensions of the field), it can never be broken. All the others can be broken, at least in theory.

  • Word Smith

    And no one can break Tony Dorsett’s 99 yard TD run from scrimmage, or Steve O’neal’s 98 yard punt. Not mathematically possible.

  • Pierre Applebury

    How about the fact that the Buffalo Bills went to 4 straight Super Bowls (lost every time) no team will ever beat either record!

  • joseph

    what about the Buffalo Bills losing 4 superbowls in a row??? that will never be touched …

    • semmy

      Hell, it’s doubtful a team will ever even PLAY in four in a row again!

  • Mark Thompson

    Lou Groza………Former Martins Ferry Purple Rider.

  • Harry Hoopes

    Do you masturbate while thinking of those things?

  • effjay4

    Stupid. No one is going to break LaDanian Tomlinson’s 31TD’s in a season. And he’s not even mentioned in the top 25. Retarded.

  • Dan W Taliaferro

    Don Hutson retired from the Green Bay Packers in 1945, almost 70 years ago. Yet he still holds 13 NFL records with several almost guaranteed to never be surpassed. Among those records are Most Seasons Leading the League In Scoring (5); Most Seasons Leading the League in Receiving Yardage (7); Most Seasons Leading League in Receiving TDs (9); Most Points Scored in a Quarter (29); Most TDs Scored in a Quarter (4). Roll Tide.

  • Edwin Glaspie

    Has everyone forgotten Tony Dorsett’s 99 yard+run against Minnesota? No one can go 100 yards and it CAN be tied, but will never be broken

    • semmy

      I haven’t…. it’s one of my favorite plays ever. Monday Night Football too! It is possible that the ball could be placed at the half yard line and taken to the house. To be honest, I’m really surprised it hasn’t been tied in all this time. I think Terrell Pryor of the Raiders came pretty close a year or two ago.

  • Bill

    Sorry, but the Steelers hold the NFL record for least number of points in a season…not the Ravens. The 1976 Steelers allowed 138 total points in the regular 14 game season, or 9.8 PPG. The Ravens allowed 165 points in a 16 game season or 10.3 PPG. The Steelers also shut out 5 teams that season including a stretch of 3 games in a row, All feats never to be equaled or surpassed.

  • Carl Hossli

    When Jim Brown had all those rushing titles, everyone in the world knew he was going to get the ball. He also retired with a ridiculous yards per game number too. And do not mock Otto Graham. The Cleveland Browns were part of the AAFC and when the Browns, 49ers and Colts were absorbed by the NFL, the old line NFL teams figured the new guys were upstarts and not of the same caliber. Paul Brown and Otto Graham destroyed that thought. I would add to the list Sammy Baugh who once led the league in passing, punting, and making interceptions as a defensive player. How about Charlie Bednarik playing all but about 30 seconds of a game (a championship game I think)? Or George Blanda’s 26 years as a player? Or the tenures of Art Rooney and George Halas as team owners? Or any 99 yard pass play or running play?

  • Chip Wimmershoff

    Joe Klecko voted into Pro Bowl at three different positions. Nose Tackle, Defensive End and Defensive Tackle.

  • bodark

    Ray Lewis definitely for most murders committed without time served

  • bodark

    Favre is an absolute joke….

  • Arthur Jackson

    A correction to the Emmitt Smith record. Sanders wouldn’t have beaten it if he hadn’t retired. Smith never would have had it.

  • Montecarlo56

    Where is Paul Krause, Minnesota Vikings career interception record. I don’t think that will be touched?

  • World Wide Waco

    That’s the ONLY stat you could come up with for the BRONCOS and Elway…how about 5 Superbowls in today’s parity I don’t think that is going to happen for another QB although people will argue Manning & Brady will do that…I think the ne pats are finished and Manning may play for two more superbowls but it is not a guarantee