Calvin Johnson Ranked Correctly at No. 3 on NFL Network's Top 100

By Andrew Fisher
Calvin Johnson
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Calvin Johnson simply had a monstrous 2012 season. The wide receiver set records, racking up 1964 yards through the air on 122 receptions. It was a season for the ages, and the astronomical numbers landed Johnson at No. 3 on the NFL Network’s Top 100 Players of 2013.

Looking back, it’s kind of crazy that Johnson’s season didn’t get more hype. The two players that ranked ahead of him on the countdown (Adrian Peterson and Peyton Manning), stole the spotlight all year. Not only were they having tremendous seasons by regular standards, they were both doing it after coming back from serious injuries.

The other part of Megaton’s 2012 season that people will call into question, is that he was the best weapon on a pass-heavy offense. Naturally, he’s going to get a lot of touches, and rack up a lot of yards. But even taking into account the environment that he plays in, his numbers are still ridiculous. The only statistical knock on his recording-breaking season is that he only found the end zone on five occasions, which is a bit low considering that he had 122 receptions.

I don’t think Johnson will ever hit the 2.000-yard mark, and not because he lacks talent, it’s just that there’s now more talent around him. Reggie Bush and Ryan Broyles are going to command their fair share of touches, and Megatron just won’t be needed for another 122 receptions and 1964 yards. I think fans would just fine with him racking up ‘only’ 1,500 yards, as long as he finds the end zone 10 or more times in 2013.


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