Mount Rushmore: Baltimore Ravens' Joe Flacco Isn't There Yet

By Wola Odeniran


Joe Flacco
Evan Habeeb- USA Today Sports

Joe Flacco was the main guy for the Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl run whether people want to admit it or not. He also became Super Bowl MVP as well as having one of the most historic postseasons in league history, with 11 touchdowns and zero interceptions.

But pump the breaks. I’m a huge fan of Flacco as he represents my favorite team. But at the end of the day, he shouldn’t be on the list of Mount Rushmore created by Mike Florio of The others who made the list were Ray Lewis, general manager Ozzie Newsome and left tackle Johnathan Ogden. Ed Reed didn’t make the list in the process. I do not agree with that.

Reed is going to Canton, Ohio some day as a first ballot inductee. Anything less than that is a joke. You talk about a cerebral assassin in Reed who still strikes fear in elite quarterbacks. He is regarded as the second best defensive player of his era behind his former teammate in Lewis.

In the middle of his career, Reed was regarded as a top 100 player in NFL history by NFL network. I understand it’s just a bunch of opinions, but that should give people an idea of how legendary Reed has been in this league.

Reed is in the top five in postseason history in interceptions, with nine. He was, and still is, as clutch as they get. This is also the same guy that missed the first six games of the 2010 season, and still went on to lead the league in interceptions, with eight.

Flacco someday may make this list. But not today. He’s still young with quite a bit of potential in his career, and I believe he will be a top five quarterback from here on out. This isn’t a slight to Flacco, but Reed meant so much to this team over the course of his career, and the longevity at that speaks volumes. Flacco just hasn’t been around long enough.


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