Clinton Portis' Comments Over Concussions Are Disturbing

By Dan Parzych
Clinton Portis
(Debby Wong/USA Today Sports)

Back when he was one of the most active running backs in the league, former Washington Redskins running back Clinton Portis was never afraid to speak his mind to the media–especially when it came to post-game press conferences. Now, it appears Portis is making headlines once again for comments he made regarding concussions–which is a little disturbing to hear.

Portis recently discussed how there were numerous occasions when he would play through concussions when he was in the NFL–saying how there were even times when he would feel dizzy and just take a play or two off before letting himself back into the game. With all of the controversy surrounding athletes in sports today playing with concussions, this is the last thing the NFL needs to hear as they’ve already been under the microscope for everything that’s gone on over the last couple of years.

There’s been one too many incidents over the last couple of years when players have returned to the field sooner than they should have and this case with Portis just proves how much of a mess this whole situation really is. Teams need to figure out a successful way of determining whether or not their players should be allowed to play and listening to Portis make these comments shows just how long this issue has been going on.

Unfortunately, part of the problem involves players doing everything in their power to continue playing and while it may have been a while since Portis has played, it’s no secret there are players still performing similar acts in the game today–so the league needs to continue figuring out ways to improve this issue.

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