Do the Oakland Raiders Regret Not Selecting Matt Barkley?

Matt Barkley

(Howard Smith/USA Today Sports)

The 2013 NFL season is right around the corner and even though the Oakland Raiders believe they have finally found a quarterback to build a franchise around in Matt Flynn–it looks like they may have some regrets over missing out on another quarterback from the 2013 NFL Draft.

Apparently, the Raiders were planning on selecting former USC quarterback Matt Barkley in the fourth round of this year’s draft before the Philadelphia Eagles snatched him up. Instead, the team ended up selecting Tyler Wilson for a backup–which may not turn out to be as good of an option as Barkley.

If Barkley had entered the draft last year, there’s a good chance he would have been selected as a top-10 pick with even a chance to go No. 1 overall. Instead, Barkley returned to USC for his senior season and concerns over his shoulder along with the Trojans disappointing season resulted in the quarterback slipping all the way into the fourth round.

Flynn certainly has the potential to turn out to be a solid franchise quarterback, but he still has plenty to prove before that ever happens. With all of the uncertainty surrounding Flynn and Wilson, it’s understandable why Oakland would regret not jumping on Barkley earlier in the draft considering he has more potential as a franchise quarterback.

Obviously, it’s too early to tell before determining who will end up being the better quarterback, but it will be interesting to see if the Raiders do in fact regret missing out on Barkley.

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  • 88bomcelya69

    I type out a comment where I already have an account and when I try to post said comment you wan t me to upgrade for some reason and when I do you motherfuckers have deleted the comment Fuck you!

    • Farva55

      Boo hoo. *Tear

    • Farva55

      I’m glad I as a reader don’t have to read this comment. It was probably idiotic.

    • SportsGenius705

      88bomcelya69 is probably in a crawl space somewhere crying about the injustices of life.

      You’re better than that. Try listening to the beatles. They’ll put you in a better mode

      • 88bomcelya69

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        • SportsGenius705

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  • Freddy Sparkles

    Seriously if youre basing witch qb to pick based off of their 2011campaign Tyler Wilson still gets my vote. Sure they may have wanted barley, but that doesn’t make him any better. Saying one is clearly more certain to be a franchise qb is both purely speculation and preposterous. If anything Wilson did more with less.

    • Farva55

      Barkley will have a better career than Wilson.

      • Freddy Sparkles

        based on what? when is the last time any SC QB did anything worthwhile in the NFL?

  • Daniel Lesnick

    USC QBs in this league are definitely not a sure bet. Look at Leinart and Sanchez. Palmer has done better than most USC guys, but I wouldn’t put my money on Barkley. As others have mentioned, the same can be said about Tyler Wilson that was said about Barkley in this article – he was predicted to be a first rounder until his team took a dump last year and Wilson suffered a few concussions giving teams cause for concern based on his propensity to take a hit in the pocket. Personally, I’d pick Wilson just based on Barkley’s comments after he was drafted. He was muttering some crap about how teams would regret not picking him, trying to act like he is a future hall of fame QB. Perhaps he is just that, but running your mouth petulantly about it a mere day or two beyond the draft, weeks before you even touch an NFL practice field is a bit arrogant and presumptious.