New York Giants Must Get Back To Dominating On The Road

By Andrew Lecointe
Frank Victores — USA Today Sports

When the New York Giants won Super Bowl XLII during the 2007 season, they were only 3-5 at home. Two bad losses to the Washington Redskins and Minnesota Vikings in the second half of the season had the Giants on the ropes a little bit. What helped the Giants get into the postseason as a wild card participant was their performance on the road.

The Giants lost the first game of the season on the road to the Dallas Cowboys, but would go the entire season without losing another road game. It was certainly a challenge for the Giants, as they scraped out close road wins against the Redskins, Miami Dolphins in London, Detroit LionsChicago Bears and Philadelphia Eagles.

After going 7-1 in the regular season on the road, the Giants came into the postseason not fazed by having to play all of their playoff games on the road. The Giants won three road playoff games before winning the Super Bowl, as the road team. If you were counting, that was 11 consecutive road wins that year.

When the Giants won Super Bowl XLVI during the 2011 season, they were only 4-4 at home, but were 5-3 on the road. Though not as dominant on the road as they were in the 2007 season, the performance on the road is what got the Giants into the playoffs. Bad home losses to the Eagles, Redskins and Seattle Seahawks put the Giants in an unnecessary hole but it was clutch road victories against the Cowboys, Eagles and New England Patriots that propelled them to an NFC East crown.

After playing the first playoff game at home, the Giants would win their next two playoff games on the road, and as the road team in the Super Bowl, would knock off the Patriots. The Giants have been at their best when they’re playing very good football on the road. When they went 12-4 in the 2008 season, they were 5-3 on the road as well, with their third loss coming while the Giants were playing their backups in the final game of the season.

This past year, the Giants were only 3-5 on the road, which isn’t what the Giants are used to when having success. They need to get back to being over .500 on the road in order for them to be successful. The Giants aren’t a strong home team, so they need clutch road wins in order to make future Super Bowl runs.

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