Real Football Fans Don't Care About Jay Cutler's Honeymoon

By Andrew Fisher
Jay Cutler
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Most sports fans realize that there isn’t a whole lot going on this time of year. Some even refer to this patch of the summer as the ‘dead zone,’ because there’s just not a ton of major sports action going on. But to me, there’s always a story to tell, or a question to ask in the world of sports. With that in mind, I’ll bring up the fact that one of the top Chicago Bearsstories on the web right now, is Jay Cutler‘s honeymoon.

I suppose that’s just the world we live in, but for crying out loud, real football fans don’t give a rip about Jay Cutler’s honeymoon. It would be one thing if I saw this story on a gossip website, but no, real sports websites were picking up on the fact that his new wife tweeted out some photos. I refused to click on the article, until I decided I needed to rant about it for a piece of my own (so of course I had to do a little research).

Real Bears’ fans want real football news and opinions, that’s what you’ll find here at Sure, we pick up on viral news and let you look at hot girl slideshows, but in my book, honeymoon photos are just not newsworthy.

We’ll let you know when something happens to Cutler on the football field, until then, this is my plea to real fans to not give in and click on tabloid crap related to their teams.


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