Smart Move: New York Jets Sacrificed Darelle Revis for the Good of the Continent

Darelle Revis

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On Sunday, April 21, the New York Jets announced their trading of star cornerback Darelle Revis to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the 13th pick in the 2013 draft and a conditional pick in 2014. Over two months have now past, and I — a Jets fan — can finally admit that new General Manager John Idzik made the right move; the move that Jets fans deserve, but not the one they knew they needed right now.

You heard me: Revis needed to go.

We all know how great of an athlete Revis is. We all know the talent he brings to a team and how he had became the linchpin to Head Coach Rex Ryan’s defensive scheme. But the truth is, Revis was a luxury for the Jets. A shiny new iPhone for a hobo under a bridge. And here are the facts to support the truth.

The fact is the Jets’ secondary did more than fine last season, despite Revis’ departure. With 189.8 passing yards allowed per game, they were good enough to be second in the league. Only the staunch Pittsburgh Steelers defense was better. This was largely in part due to the efforts of cornerback Antonio Cromartie, who in his stepping up proved to Ryan and others his true ability. In other words, if Revis were to stay, his presence would equate to that nice iPhone when the Jets organization had a perfectly functional Samsung Galaxy.

Now let’s get to the hobo’s real dilemma: his lack of food and shelter, or adequate clothing to nail that job interview. If the homeless man has his iPhone in one hand, and his Galaxy in another, and he knows that he can trade one to get a suit, he would undoubtedly trade in the iPhone, for despite it’s cracked casing (Revis’s injury), the value still amounts to more than the Galaxy could have given him. Case in point, the 2013 NFL Draft.

When Dee Milliner fell to the Jets as the ninth pick, Idzik was surely counting his blessings. Here was a player who could easily remedy the gap that Revis left behind at a much cheaper cost. The two cornerbacks shared eerily similar numbers in their college careers, albeit Milliner only played for two contrasted with Revis’ three. Revis posted 33 solo tackles in his last year at Pitt, to Milliner’s 34. Revis was outclassed by Milliner’s assists (six to 20 in their respective last years), but Revis brought back two touchdown’s to Milliner’s none. Both had two interceptions. The point here is that Milliner has the makings of a Revis-like star, thus returning the Jets investment. When you combine the ninth pick with the thirteenth, defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson, you can make the case that not only did the Jets organization get another Galaxy back, but maybe that nice suit too.

Idzik’s smart decision will only be compounded in 2014, where the conditional pick (likely the third round) may even buy the Jets a fancy pair of shoes.

And finally, none of the above arguments harp on the uncertainty of Revis’ condition. A torn ACL is no injury to laugh at, and though us football fans have seen the miraculous recovery of Adrian Peterson and others, it still is a cause for concern. Couple this uncertainty with the $96 million pay-tag the Buccaneers gave him, and it seems that Idzik may have prevented another money pit for the Jets to sink into *cough* Mark Sanchez *cough*.

Such as it is that now on July 1 with one trade, Idzik was able to take the dirty gang-green man from under the bridge and into an office.


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  • Farva55

    The Jets are a joke.

    • Jeremy Goldstein

      I hope I can convince you otherwise

    • Chillyblue

      Th haters have now become the circus. I hope simple minded fools who allow main stream media to manipulate a somewhat limited understanding show up when the Jets are in the hunt this season.

      Anyone oblivious to the change in culture and direction for this team is wearing blinders. There is discipline, and guidelines, and accountability which was not there before. The season after this we will be in a position cap wise to make some bigger changes.

      This GM is exactly the medicine this team needs. I’ve got news for you all… This team will be competitive. They will play outstanding defense, and the offense with our new coordinator, and running backs can only get better. Sure we’re missing some pieces, so what… We’ll get them the following year.

      Being a true fan means believing in your team. It means you support them when things aren’t going our way. It’s called loyalty. Me… Well, I’m a Jets fan for over 40 years… Since they were the Titans and played at the Polo Grounds. I’ve seen some bad times. I also remember the good moments… like back to back appearances in the AFC championship. It wasn’t long ago now was it.

      • Farva55

        Well considering the head coach? Yeah, the Jets will get what they deserve.

  • Chillyblue

    Spot on analysis. Well written. GOOD JOURNALISM. Even better.. No more hold out tension.

    • Jeremy Goldstein

      Thank you, Chillyblue, I agree