Turning 30 Won't Slow Down Steven Jackson

By Andrew Fisher
Steven Jackson
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Steven Jackson has been one of the most reliable running backs in the NFL over the past nine years. He’s hit the 1000-yard mark in eight consecutive seasons, but yet there were some concerns for the teams looking at him this offseason. The main concern? His age. Jackson is set to turn 30 in July, and we all know the stigma that older running backs carry with them. Jackson, however, is determined to change that way of thinking towards the position.

He recently acknowledged the ‘old running back’ elephant in the room by saying, “that’s a hard thing, accepting and acknowledging that. I want to take great pride in changing that thinking.” While 30 is a concern for most running backs, it shouldn’t be a big deal for Jackson. He’s known for his dedication to fitness, and apparently his body is still in great shape. Atlanta Falcons head coach Mike Smith even went as far to say that he has the body of a 22-year old.

All reports from Falcons’ camp on Jackson have been positive so far, and all indications are that he looks as good as ever. These are all things you want to hear if you’re an Atlanta fan. The Falcons are going to count on Jackson to be the thunder in their backfield, and to come through on short yardage and goal line situations. I believe he’ll have no trouble passing the 1000-yard mark again in 2013, simply because of the massive amount of talent around him.

Jackson has never played on a loaded offense like the Falcons have, and that coped with his superior conditioning, should easily propel him to another solid season this year. 30 is not a number that concerns me with the veteran running back, but there’s still no doubt his career clock is ticking.


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