Tyrann Mathieu Should Retire the 'Honey Badger'

By Andrew Fisher
Tyrann Mathieu
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Tyrann Mathieu is a football player with a nickname. A lot of the game’s great players have monikers that go right along with their real names, but in the case of Mathieu, the ‘Honey Badger’ is almost an alter ego. It’s not Tyrann Mathieu the Honey Badger, it’s just the ‘Honey Badger‘. However, since all of his troubles in college, the defensive back has basically stopped using his recognizable nickname.

When the topic of his alter ego came up recently, Mathieu revealed that he’s not sure about about ‘his’ future:

“I think it’s going to take some time, just because ‘Honey Badger’ happened at such a bad time, a time where I wasn’t making the best decisions. So going forward, if I’m able to make the right decisions, able to be that role model for the kids, I think the ‘Honey Badger’ can be a pretty positive person.”

While I agree that the Honey Badger could end up being a positive person, and maybe even a role model for kids, I think it’s time for Mathieu to move on. He needs to end that chapter of his life and just focus on being a football player for awhile.

Things are looking up for him at the moment, but he’s far from out of the woods. He’s one mistake away from losing it all, so nicknames and alter egos should not be at the top of his priority list. Mathieu seems to recognize that, which is a positive sign.

I’m a firm believer in new chapters in life, and sometimes with new chapters, we need to remove things from the past. The Honey Badger needs to go, and if Mathieu really wants a nickname, he should come up with something new to represent this portion of his career.


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