Baltimore Ravens' Lardarius Webb Has Plenty Of Motivation To Return By Training Camp

By Wola Odeniran
Lardarius Webb
Evan Habeeb- USA Today Sports

After suffering a torn ACL in Week 5 last season, Lardarius Webb has been battling back to return the field ever since, even after watching his team go on to win the Super Bowl. Now he will finally get his chance as Webb is expected to return in late July, according to

As a player, I’m sure there is pride involved when the team goes on to win it all like the Baltimore Ravens did, and you want to prove you have value on the team.

Webb coming back to one of the more underrated stories in terms of the additions the Ravens have made so far entering the 2013 season. It’s an addition without even really signing anyone. People have made a big deal about the players the Ravens have lost after winning the Super Bowl and the loss of Cary Williams, which has been overrated to the point where it is laughable.

Look, Williams was a solid player for the Ravens in his time here, but there are people in the media or random fans from other teams that are making it out like the Ravens just lost Darrelle Revis. At the end of the day, it is even more impressive that the Ravens won it all without their best corner.

Webb will certainly be looking for motivation if he doesn’t have it already. His return will be backed by the additions of outside linebacker Elvis Dumervil, defensive lineman Chris Canty and free safety Michael Huff. The team expects to be faster on defense than they have been in recent years.


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