Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Profile: Tyron Smith

By Jesus Flores
Tyron Smith
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys had a vision when they made a 20-year-old Tyron Smith the first offensive lineman selected in the 2011 NFL Draft.

That vision, of course, was that Smith would anchor the left side of the offensive line and protect quarterback Tony Romo’s blind side. In 2012, he got that chance. Smith showed dominance, and at times looked every bit like the guy the Cowboys hoped he would be when they selected him No.9 overall, but then there were games where mentally, he just wasn’t there.

It was later discovered that Smith was being extorted by family members. After signing his rookie contract, Smith gave his family a generous sum of money, but Smith’s stepfather, Roy Pinkney, mother, Frankie Pinkney, and some of Smith’s siblings kept coming back for more. The harassment reached a point where Smith’s and his girlfriend Leigh Costa’s physical well-being was being threatened by his stepfather and mother; it was then that Smith turned to authorities for help.

Smith has put on more muscle and added weight in an attempt to be more physical at the line, and has looked impressive during OTAs. I want to see that continue through training camp, as it will be imperative to the Cowboys’ success that he plays at an elite level. It doesn’t seem like Smith’s family members will be a cause for concern in 2013, which bodes well for Smith, but despite how big and strong he is, there are some things a 22-year-old kid shouldn’t be expected to carry; like a family of moochers.

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