Adding NFL RedZone Would Send Wrong Message to Jacksonville Jaguars' Fans

By Andrew Fisher
EverBank Field-Jacksonville Jaguars
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If you haven’t heard by now, the Jacksonville Jaguars are contemplating the idea of putting an NFL RedZone channel jumbotron into their stadium. While this is a cool idea on the surface, I really can’t stand the thought of the Jaguars actually going through with it.

The intent here is obvious – the Jaguars are trying to put more butts in seats. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that concept, unless it involves things other than the team itself. The Jaguars and their stadium need to be the reason that fans go to EverBank Field – not a spectacle that showcases other teams.

If the sole objective is just to bring people to the stadium, this will probably work. But it’s still not going to fix the root of the problem, which is that the on-field product hasn’t been good in years now. Building a team that wins will put more people in the seats. That should be the focus of the entire franchise.

The RedZone channel jumbotron would basically act as a band-aid, on a problem that’s much larger.

The Jaguars are smart to realize that the fan-stadium experience is evolving rapidly right now, but this jumbotron is a step too far. They should start with some of the new fantasy rooms and things of that nature, and not just jump head-first into a very expensive screen for their stadium.

Much of the reaction to this idea has been negative thus far, so real Jaguars’ fans can only hope the organization listens to the feedback before they make a decision.


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