Could Things Have Been Different For Ex-New England Patriots Star Aaron Hernandez?

By Tyler Ash
Aaron Hernandez
Greg M. Cooper- USA TODAY Sports

Former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez has seemingly never been able to avoid mischief in his life. He could not evade trouble at college while playing for the Florida Gators, and now it appears that he has potentially thrown his life away after being charged with murder.

Would his off-the-field life in his NFL days have been different for Hernandez if he hung out with a different group of people? Instead of spending time with teammates during his tenure in New England, Hernandez opted to hang out with a bunch of miscreants in the gang he was a part of.

According to Jeff Lowe of the Boston Herald, Hernandez was almost never seen with teammates outside of the football activity.

“No one hung out with him,” according to a source from the Boston Herald. “No one.”

It is astonishing that Hernandez could not find a single player on the team to spend time with outside of football related matters.

Another source close to the situation depicted, “Out of 53 guys, surely there’s someone you could find to hang out with. Instead, he chose to revert to his network from his hometown.”

Hernandez’s crowd of scoundrels reportedly concerned some players as they felt the former tight end was hanging out with too rough of a crowd. Then again, the Patriots’ players could have never imagined Hernandez would be the center piece of a murder investigation because of who he hung out with.

No current players have commented on the Hernandez situation, mostly because head coach Bill Belichick would shun anyone that gave the team any more unnecessary media attention. Former Patriots’ left tackle Matt light recently told the Dayton Daily News that he, “never embraced — never believed in — anything Aaron Hernandez stood for.”

Another former Patriots’ player commented on Hernandez’ conundrum, but he chose to stay anonymous.

“I could see him being involved only because of his background, but would have never thought to this extent,” a former Patriots player wrote in a text message.

When Hernandez’ daughter was born this past November, he vowed to no longer be the “young and reckless Aaron.”

Evidently, Hernandez was never able to shed his “reckless” persona. Maybe, just maybe, if he was not such a loner and hung out with his Patriots’ teammates, he would not be facing this chilling murder charge.

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