Indianapolis Colts' Backfield in Much Better Shape in 2013

By Andrew Fisher
Vick Ballard
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts are a team that’s trending upward. Nothing about this team says ‘rebuilding’ any longer. That only ended up lasting a few weeks in 2012, before everyone realized that the Colts were going to skip that step, and get right back into playoff contention.

So after all of their success a year ago, the 2013 offseason then became about putting the team in better position to make a run in the playoffs. The backfield was one area where the Colts needed improve, and they did just that by signing free agent Ahmad Bradshaw.

The former Super Bowl champion will join Vick Ballard and Donald Brown in the Colts’ backfield, and together they’ll form a much more dynamic unit than a year ago. Ballard and Brown were an okay 1-2 punch, but they were nowhere near one of the league’s best. I think it’s clear that there’s only room for one them to get significant carries this year, and I expect it to be Ballard.

To me, the new Colts’ backfield should consist of the 1-2 punch of Ballard and Bradshaw, with Brown available to help lighten the workload. We all know Bradshaw’s history with foot problems, so keeping him fresh will be essential. With three capable ball carriers, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Sure, the Colts rolled the dice a little bit by signing Bradshaw after offseason surgery, but they were a team that could afford to do it. Worst case scenario, they’ll be back to where they were last year.

It will be interesting to see how the carries are divvied out, but I expect the bulk to go the Ballard and Bradshaw on a 50/50 or 60/40 type of basis. Any way Indianapolis decides to play it, they’ll still be better off than a year ago at this time. That’s what you want to see if you’re a fan.


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