New Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly the Polar Opposite of Andy Reid

By Ryan Wenzell
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Chip Kelly, from the moment he was introduced as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, said more in one press conference than former Eagles head coach Andy Reid managed to say in the previous 13 years.

Kelly certainly has the gift of gab. His press conferences and meetings with the Philadelphia media are about as quick as his offense; he says and explains things at a lightning pace and lays out exactly what his philosophies and thoughts are about players and schemes. Kelly also seems for the most part to enjoy his sessions with the media and beat reporters alike.

This is a refreshing change from former Eagles head coach Andy Reid who seemed to dread the weekly press conferences. Besides giving the weekly injury report, he really gave nothing in the way of information or news to the fans and media alike. Reid’s act had run stale after 13 years of “we have to do a better job with that” or “we all share a piece of the pie”. The tired, played out cliches and the apathetic attitude at press conferences was unnerving and played a big role in the fans’ demand for a change at head coach.

Kelly, besides his brand, shiny new offense, has come in and thoroughly explained how and in what manner he is going to get things done. The only thing he has really left up for interpretation is the quarterback battle to decide who is going to be the starter on Opening Night, but that is totally understandable as I don’t believe even he has made up his mind on the matter. He wants the full amount of time to evaluate each player he has at the vital quarterback position.

It is a new era with Chip Kelly. When he says something he means it, and he doesn’t pull any punches with the media or the fans. For Eagles fans it is certainly a refreshing and welcomed change. Out with the old and in with the new. Will his upbeat attitude and uptempo offense translate into wins, a playoff berth, and an eventual Super Bowl victory in 2013 and beyond? Time will tell. Stay tuned.

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