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5 Philadelphia Eagles That Need to Step Up in 2013

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5 Philadelphia Eagles That Need to Step Up in 2013

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2012 was a year to forget for the Philadelphia Eagles and their fans. Not much went right on the scoreboard, in the standings, and certainly on the field. Players that were used to performing at a consistent level failed to do so and many of the Eagles' major free agent signings were a total flop.

The organization really did seem to hit rock bottom last season. The disaster that was 2012 cost Andy Reid, the longest tenured Eagles head coach, his job, and Eagles President Jeffrey Lurie and GM Howie Roseman sought out an innovative, cutting edge head coach that would demand each and every player in the room's respect. They believe they found it in Chip Kelly.

2012 had its ups and mostly downs. It seemed players were not being held accountable for poor play on the field as in prior seasons, and seemingly Reid and many of the players, veteran and young alike, mailed it in toward the end. This won't fly with the new sheriff in town, Chip Kelly. Each player on the roster, including the established veteran ones, are going to have to re-establish themselves under Kelly. The complacent players that aren't buying into what he is selling will be taking the bus ride home and looking for employment elsewhere. Kelly wants to create a new culture where loafing around and feeling entitled is unacceptable no matter if the player has arrived in the league or not.

2013 is going to be a huge year for the new Kelly regime in asserting himself as head coach of the storied Eagles franchise. Veteran players will need to step up and new players will need to emerge under the new coach. Let's take a look at 5 players that need to step up their game in 2013.

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5. Trent Cole

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Trent Cole had the lowest sack total of his Eagle career in 2012 with three. He needs to go back to being a double-digit sack master for the Eagles defense to succeed in 2013.

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4. DeSean Jackson

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DeSean Jackson was having a solid season before it was interrupted due to injury. The season before that, however, was ravaged with inconsistency. Jackson can thrive in an offense like Kelly's which should showcase his explosive skills if his head is in the game. Jackson needs to show the Eagles his worth in 2013.

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3. Jeremy Maclin

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Jeremy Maclin has all the tools of a number one wide receiver but has yet to put it all together. Under Chip Kelly expect a breakout year from the young wide out.

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2. Nate Allen

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After a solid rookie season, Nate Allen has had a few down years. He needs to establish himself under Chip Kelly's new regime and show defensive coordinator Billy Davis he is a capable starter that can be trusted on Sundays.

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1. Michael Vick

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Michael Vick had a turnover ridden season in 2012 that was finally ended due to injury. Vick needs to learn how to stay healthy, play more consistently, and most importantly make better decisions if he wants a chance at being handed the controls to Coach Chip Kelly's offense and leading the team to victories.