Cincinnati Bengals Thought Better than to Draft Aaron Hernandez

By Simon Greene
Aaron Hernandez arrested
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The Cincinnati Bengals have taken a lot of criticism over the last few years as they seemed to be somewhat of a haven for the more troubled players in the NFL, but it seems that even they had their limits.

Speaking to Fox Sports earlier this week, Bengals owner Mike Brown said that they intentionally passed on troubled tight end Aaron Hernandez. Back in 2010, the Bengals were actively looking to select a tight end early in the draft, but passed up on Hernandez, deciding to go with Jermaine Gresham instead as they received a pre-draft report about Hernandez that stated there may be future concerns about his off-field behavior.

In the interview, Brown told Fox “We didn’t question the playing ability. But we went for Gresham … That one is no secret. We just stayed away from it.” It seems as though the Bengals weren’t the only team to pass up on the opportunity to draft Harnandez either, as he was the sixth drafted tight end in 2010 despite being the 2009 winner of the Mackey Award.

It seems as though most teams just weren’t willing to take the same risk New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick took on him when he was drafted in the fourth round.

Hernandez is currently being held in prison without bail following the murder of semi-professional linebacker Odin Llyod two weeks ago, and faces one charge of murder one as well as five charges of possessing illegal firearms. If convicted, Hernandez could face life in prison.

Following his arrest, the Patriots made the decision to release Hernandez and since then have done every possible effort to distance themselves from the troubled tight end.

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