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Philadelphia Eagles: 5 Players With The Most To Lose During Training Camp

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Philadelphia Eagles: 5 Players With The Most To Lose During Training Camp

Chip Kelly
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For the first time since 1999, Andy Reid will not be the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. Chip Kelly is the coach now, and he promises a more up-tempo style of offense. Kelly brings with him hope and change, with an heavy emphasis on the word change. Kelly's style promises to challenge established league paradigms.

Despite a dreadful 4-12 record in 2012, the Eagles' roster is loaded with talent, especially on offense. LeSean McCoy missed four games last year but still had 1,213 total yards and five touchdowns. DeSean Jackson is still a potent threat despite a disappointing season. The biggest question mark for Kelly is at quarterback. Michael Vick seems like a natural fit in Kelly's offense, but we still don't know what Kelly's offense will look like in the NFL.

Employees are always uneasy when a new boss storms onto the scene, but Kelly is turning that into an understatement. Kelly is shaking up the Eagles. He is making the veterans feel insecure. No one feels safe. Not even pro-bowlers. Wide receiver Jackson ran reps with the third team. The third team. Vick doesn't know where he stands. On the last day of the team's spring practices on Thursday, it was Nick Foles who ran with the first team, not Vick.

As training camp begins and the Eagles players on pins and needles, here are the five of them with the most to lose.

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Trent Cole

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No one could have known how successful Cole would be in Eagles green. Only two men in the franchise's history have recorded more sacks, but Cole comes off a 2012 season that he'd most likely want to forget. His streak of double digit sack seasons -- three -- ended, as he only recorded three sacks last year.

Cole has been asked by the new coaching staff to add outside linebacker duties to his repertoire this season. Cole has been utilized as a stand-up rusher in the past, but will be doing it on a much more frequent basis in 2013.

Much has been made of the changes Kelly brings to the offense, but he'll be just as concerned about the other side of ball. Kelly prefers undersized, yet speedy pass rushers. If Cole can return to his previous pass rushing ways, he could be a huge part of Kelly's defense.

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Kenny Phillips

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The Eagles signed Phillips as an unrestricted free agent in the offseason after five years with the Giants. Phillips underwent knee surgery following his rookie season. He recovered and turned in strong seasons in 2010 and 2011. He injured himself again last year,appearing in only seven games. The Eagles signed the talented but injury-prone safety to a one-year deal. Both Phillips and the Eagles hope that he can stay healthy enough to make an impact in the beleaguered Eagles secondary.

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Nick Foles

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For the most part, Foles' career has been more about what Vick isn't than what he is. Foles' rookie season didn't blow anyone away by any standard, but he had moments. He threw for 381 yards against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and he had a 345-yard performance in his last start against the Cowboys. It's hard to imagine a scenario in which Foles won't make a few starts this year. It will be up to him to decide what he does with it.

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DeSean Jackson

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If any one player stands to gain the most from Kelly's high-octane offense, it's Jackson. People focus on the quarterback, in particular the zone-read, but Kelly's offense is predicated on speed, and Jackson more than fits the bill. Jackson still has the ability to be a game-changing wideout, and Kelly is a genius at creating match-ups for his weapons.

Over the last few years, Jackson has damaged his reputation, accused of quitting on his team and being generally disgruntled. A good season will make his past a distant memory.

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Michael Vick

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What can be said about Vick that hasn't already been said. Of anyone on this list, he has the most to lose. Since returning the league in 2010, Vick's career has been a roller coaster. His rise in 2010 -- where he was a legit MVP candidate -- has been almost as shocking as his fall. Vick has more turnovers (33) than touchdowns (30) in his last two seasons. If Vick doesn't win the starting job, it may be his last chance to be viewed as a starter in the league.