Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Will This Rookie Start for Dallas Cowboys on Offense?

By Ben Grimaldi
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys drafted Travis Frederick with the 31st pick in the draft and the teams general manager Jerry Jones has made it known that he’ll be starting for the Cowboys against the New York Giants for their first game of 2013. However, there is another rookie that could eventually make his way into the starting lineup for the Cowboys this upcoming season.

According to Kevin Sherrington of the dallasnews.com, wide receiver Terrance Williams will become a starter for the Cowboys in 2013. Sherrington spoke about Williams’ ability to make big plays as the reason why he could find his way into the starting lineup this year.

“I think Terrance Williams will end up starting…But Williams has some big-play ability.”

Williams does have big play ability and his impressive college stats back that up but let’s be honest, it Williams is starting it’s likely because Miles Austin, or possibly Dez Bryant, is hurt. Even if that were to happen, Williams will have to fight off Dwayne Harris for playing time because Harris has something Williams doesn’t, NFL experience.

It’s nice to see that so many people believe in Williams, and the Cowboys obviously have a high opinion of him since they ranked him in the top 25 on their draft board, so it’s not out of the question that Williams might start in 2013. The better news is that if Williams does wind up starting at some point it means the Cowboys got the talented player they thought they were getting when they drafted him in the third round. You can never have enough play makers and the signs point to Williams being a good player in Dallas.

Still perspective must be kept; the NFL is a whole new league for Williams and adjusting to the game at its highest level is not easy so expecting too much could be a mistake. No matter which way you look at it though, confidence is high with Terrance Williams and the Cowboys appear well equipped at wide receiver.

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