Philadelphia Eagles: Which Position Is The Weakest On Offense?

By Sonny Bryan
Philadelphia Eagles Offense
Raj Mehta- USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles had a good offseason by going out and getting solid players without breaking the bank. They also topped off their offseason by having a good draft and grabbing a lot blue chip players.

Since they have improved in many areas this offseason, it’s time to see which positions seem to be weakest of the team. Now there are many positions we can cross off the list. For instance, the offensive line seems to be the most improved since the Eagles got a number of offensive linemen back such as LT Jason Peters, RG Todd Herremans, and C Jason Kelce. They also drafted RT Lane Johnson with the 4th overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, so the starting offensive line should look to be a solid group, especially with one of the best guards in the league LG Evan Mathis in the mix. The tight end position seems to be the deepest and arguably the most talented group on the team, aside from the running back position, so the tight ends should be playing a big part in the offense this year.

The wide receiver corps isn’t stellar, but they’re still a talented group. There needs to be more toughness among them since it seems like the only one that has the guts to catch a ball over the middle is WR Jason Avant. However, look for rookie TE Zach Ertz bring more Toughness to the passing game.

The running back position is an extremely talented group and probably the deepest in the NFL. Players like LeSean McCoy, Bryce Brown, and Felix Jones all have the talent to control the running game. A player like Chris Polk will be used on special teams which will probably be his only way to make the team, even though he can probably be a solid back in the NFL. It’s going to be hard to see undrafted free agent Matthew Tucker making the team, but I won’t rule him out just yet. All in all, the running backs are very talented and probably the strongest group on offense.

Obviously the quarterback position is a huge question mark. As of right now, whoever starts on Week 1 is a toss up between Michael Vick and Nick Foles. However, I’m not going to rule out Matt Barkley; the kid has talent. Now the quarterback position seems to be the weakest on the offensive side of the ball, but it probably has the most potential. Now I hate using the word potential because it gets used so often nowadays, but in reality the young Eagles quarterbacks can either turn into NFL starters or they can turn into second and third string backups.

So I think most Eagles fans can agree that the quarterback position is the weakest position on offense, which is not a good sign. We’ll learn more about this group as the team moves forward, but as of now the quarterback position is the weakest on offense.


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