Some Bad Choices For Philadelphia Eagles On All-Time Overrated/Underrated List

By Joseph Hickman
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So did a countdown of every team in the league’s most overrated/underrated players of all-time over the past few weeks. The other day, the website released its list for the Philadelphia Eagles and of course, I have to disagree with some of the choices.

The two guys that were doing the judging were Bill Suddell and Chris Law. The first thing that made zero sense was that they had Clyde Simmons as both overrated and underrated. Um … so let me get this straight, you have two categories (underrated/overrated) and you put a guy in both? Why even put the guy in there?

Simmons was part of one the best defensive lines ever assembled (Reggie White and Jerome Brown). He is the Eagles’ second all-time sack leader with 76 sacks. He also had league high in sacks (55) 1989 to 1992. I don’t care if he got to go one-on-one with tackles because White was taking on the double-teams. He still was a beast.

This next one I found hilarious: they put Todd Pinkston as overrated.

Did these guys even watch the Eagles? Who in the world called Pinkston good? He was an average receiver who could stretch the field sometimes. Just don’t ask him to go across the middle, “Alligator Arms’.  Todd shouldn’t have been even mentioned.

Speaking of “Alligator Arms’, Mr. “For Who For What” showed up on that list as overrated — Ricky Watters. I would have to disagree with that. Other than his opening game against Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Watters was a beast. The dude had 32 touchdowns, 3,794 rushing yards, 1,318 receiving yards and had 161 receptions in three seasons.

The last one that bothered me was that they named Norm Van Brocklin as an overrated player.  This dude went to nine Pro Bowls and won two championships (one with the Eagles) during his career. Listen, there is no way that they have seen him play, so please don’t tell me that the guy is overrated, especially when he is the last quarterback to bring title to Philadelphia.

By the way, the title he won in the 1960 at Franklin Field was Vince Lombardi‘s only playoff loss of his coaching career.

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