Oakland Raiders Quarterback Play Likely Going To Be Depressing

Matt Flynn Oakland Raiders

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If there’s one thing the Oakland Raiders are used to over their recent history, it’s disappointing football being played. The Raiders have seemed to be perpetually stuck on the outside of the playoffs and with some sort of unflattering drama going down in their organization. Sadly, the 2013 NFL season probably isn’t going to be any different.

The Raiders lost a ton of players who were key for them last year this off-season. Carson Palmer, Brandon Myers, Tommy Kelley, Michael Huff, Richard Seymour and Darrius Heyward-Bey are all no longer suiting up in the silver and black and will leave big holes. However, none of them are going to be as glaring and as depressing as the hole left by Palmer.

Let’s clear this up at the start: Palmer is not an elite NFL quarterback. He has the ability to competently play quarterback at the pro level and can game-manage for a good team, but that’s about as far as his abilities go. Because of that simple fact, it’s a bad sign that it’s going to get worse this season.

As of right now, the Raiders’ list of quarterbacks includes Matt Flynn, rookie Matthew McGloin, rookie Tyler Wilson, Terrelle Pryor and, according to reports, former Raiders draft-pick JaMarcus Russell. That’s not exactly a line of QBs that’s going to inspire confidence in a team.

Flynn is likely going to be the starter, but a lot of Flynn’s value is based on the fact that he played one great game in week 17 in 2011 for the Green Bay Packers. Overall in his career he has thrown just 141 total passes and has thrown for just 1,083 yards, nine touchdowns and five interceptions. That’s not exactly a résumé that screams “hand me the reins to your team.”
All in all, it really looks like the inexperience or shear ineptitude that the Raiders have at quarterback is going to be tough to watch. If they had a consistent running back, that would soften the blow, but Darren McFadden can’t seem to stay healthy. Buckle up Raiders fans; it’s going to be another bumpy ride this year.

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  • 88bomcelya69

    Give Tyler Wilson some respect. He could not help the fact that he had practically no coaching his senior year but still put up some impressive numbers. Go back to his junior season when he had a great coach and look at those stats. The kid should have been a first round pick but got thrown under the bus by you and the rest of the media for things way beyond his control. He is a leader and the teams who drafted QBs ahead of him will all wind up regretting it and it won’t be long either.

  • C Banks

    So tired of hearin about what the Raiders aren’t going to do.

    Seems every blogger/writer has the same copycat thing to say, just regurgitating what the next person is saying for press. Why don’t we just let the season play out, mabe even revisit this after the first 4 games or so. Right now all you are evaluating this on is training camp, guys going through the motions – tossing a ball around.

    On top of all that who else in the division has a elite QB outside of Manning? Please don’t tell me Phillip Rivers is elite after last season and even the season before that. Don’t tell me you believe in KC because they added Andy Reid who doesn’t even get on the field or the acquisistion of Alex Smith – there’s a lot to be proved in KC. What else has everyone else in the AFC west done to improve?

    How about talking about all the dead weight and unintelligent players the Raiders have shedded – the type of players that have a lot of talent but don’t use their head when they are on the field(I’m spekaing of players who make costly mistakes, causing penalties).

    It’s easy to jump on the Raiders for their past. If the Raiders arent better in that regard I’ll bow down, but for the tme being can we find something else to talk about?

  • Freddy Sparkles

    the writer of this article is clearly incapable of independent thought. the whole media frenzy regarding the current QB situation came from an article written by Steve Corkran, during OTA’s when he made mention of how horrible each QB looked, and how this crop was the worst he has seen in recent memory. the funny part is he was not even there during any of the OTA’s and simply wrote a piece, purely out of speculation, I assume to hit a deadline. his speculation albeit lazy, is only slightly more admirable than this horrible, regurgitated, borderline plagerism excuse for journalism.

    I don’t care that every talking head takes cheap shots at the raiders whenever a chance presents it’s self. that is only going to make future success’ all the more sweet. I love it when experts end up eating their words. two years ago, the colts went 1-15, last year nobody expected anything, and yet they made a playoff run. I’m not saying the raiders will do that this year, but what I am saying is all the hyperbole is pure speculation. the raiders are not the same team they were last year. it’s new guys running new systems, with a completely new identity. it’s pure speculation. we had a great draft, and picked up a few more pieces of the puzzle thru free agency. there is no denying that there is talent in that locker room. now all that remains is to establish chemistry on the football field. this ship is steadily correcting it’s self It’s a great day to be a raider

  • dog


  • smh

    this guy is an idiot… no idea whats going on raiders have no picked up russel and there aren’t any reports that they did smh blog writers