St. Louis Rams WR Tavon Austin Says His Mom Will Be the ‘Bad Guy’

By Anthony Blake
Tavon Austin St. Louis Rams
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

There’s nothing quite like the bond between a mother and a child. Regardless of the circumstances that a person gets themselves into, mom is almost always there to come to the rescue if possible.

For St. Louis Rams rookie wide receiver Tavon Austin, the type of assistance he will be requiring is a little preventative medicine. Stories floated around after the Rams traded up into the top 10 of April’s 2013 NFL Draft that the inner-city Baltimore native was already hearing from several people asking for money as a result of his newfound fame. This caused some warranted unrest amongst Rams fans worried that their newly acquired offensive weapon could potentially become a cautionary NFL tale on what not to do when you strike it big.

Those worries can thankfully be put to rest now.

In an interview with NFL Network’s Andrew Siciliano, Austin said:

“One thing I learned was just make somebody else the bad man and that is what definitely I’m going to do as far as the money situation. So that definitely will be my mother, she is definitely up for the challenge and she is ready to pretty much tell people ‘no.'”

Leave it to mom to protect her son from all of those people around trying to take advantage of his upgraded bank account. The Rams put their rookies through a seminar of sorts prior to even signing contracts with them back in early June. That included having all of the first-year players live in the same quarters, eat the same meals, and do the same things on a daily basis. This dose of reality was definitely useful for a group of young men about to be given the biggest checks they have ever seen in their lives.

With all of the horror stories that former professional athletes have endured when it comes to financial trouble, it’s good to know that the Rams are investing in Tavon Austin the person as much as they are investing in Tavon Austin the football player. Help from his mom will definitely aid his cause in trying to avoid the pitfalls of so many players that have come before him.

Austin said that he definitely wants to be helpful in his community even though lines will have to be drawn at certain points. The rookie said:

“I definitely will help a lot of people too, you know, I’m not one of those type of people who forgets where I came from and just acts like I’m better than anybody else. But definitely there is a certain amount of times where it comes to a point where you have to say ‘no’ and she’ll be that person that’ll be dealing with it.”

Sometimes having family members help out with finances is the last thing that a newly minted professional athlete needs; this isn’t one of those times. The Rams have to be thrilled with these wise words from their prized rookie who is still just 22 years of age. If Austin can continue to prove his wisdom off of the field translates onto it, St. Louis is in for one heck of a rookie season from this explosive offensive weapon.

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