Washington Redskins Play Offseason Safe: Ready for 2013

By Thomas Ford
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There are less than 17 days left until fans can watch the Washington Redskins take the field for their 2013 NFL Training Camp. The question remains: are the Redskins prepared?

This offseason has been a prime example of NFL players placing personal issues ahead of their perspective team’s image or future desires. Currently, 34 players have been arrested or charged since the 2012 Super Bowl.

Most notably, New England Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez has been arrested for murder and gun-related charges. Most of the NFL player charges have to do with driving under the influence or speeding, but other repeated offenses include: simple battery, aggravated assault, resisting arrest, weapons possession — both guns and knives — and, of course, possession of marijuana.

Yet, the Redskins have proved themselves above this debauchery. Not one Redskins player has been arrested or charged since April of 2012, when Brandon Meriweather was arrested for suspicion of DUI after being pulled over for speeding. At that point, Meriweather had only been a Redskin for just under two months and not accustomed to his new team’s etiquette.

Another notable Redskin who has had brushes with the law would be TE Fred Davis, who was charged with three speeding violations in 2010.

So, what have the Redskins players been doing this offseason? They have been playing it safe, staying out of trouble, and staying in shape. Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan commented on his players:

“We’ve been working for the last nine weeks… to get yourself back to football shape… So the emphasis here for the players over the next five, six weeks is to stay in shape.”

Of course, he recognized that some players need rest and recuperation in the offseason, especially players who were previously injured.

In the 2013 NFL Season, Redskins players will not only show up to play by being in prime physical shape, but also will be mentally prepared to promote their franchise on and off the field .

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