Dallas Cowboys Fans Need to Chill Over Ron Jaworski's Ranking of Tony Romo

By Ben Grimaldi
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

It happens every offseason, along comes some bogus list by the NFL Network or ESPN that seems to slight the Dallas Cowboys. Well, not so much the Cowboys, but usually their quarterback Tony Romo. For what seems like the 10th time this offseason, I feel compelled to be the voice of reason for Cowboys fans.

Relax over Ron Jaworski’s ranking of Romo 15th in the league at quarterback. It means absolutely nothing in regards to how good the Cowboys will be this season and as long as his teammates believe in Romo, which they do, Jaws’ ranking doesn’t mean a thing. Too many Dallas fans take these lists too seriously and get upset over something that won’t make a difference come September 8th.

There are also plenty of Cowboys fans who may not like Romo as their teams quarterback but if we’re speaking honestly, there aren’t 15 quarterbacks in the NFL better than Romo. Heck, even Jaworski doesn’t believe that but like some Cowboys fans, he’s just frustrated that Romo hasn’t taken that next step.

“Back-to-back weeks, two different Romos. Those kinds of peaks and valleys is why Romo is No. 15 on my board. I love his talent, and there’s no doubt perception has overtaken reality in the negative world view of Romo, but I would like to see more overall consistency in his play. He’s capable of it.”

In this case, Jaworski’s perception seems to be that Romo is the 15th best quarterback in the NFL. The reality is that Romo didn’t have his best season in 2012 but he’s better than just being an average quarterback in the league, which is what his ranking suggests. Again, this ranking is meaningless and it’s just something ESPN does to pass the time until training camp and it will have no bearing on how Romo and the Cowboys will perform in 2013.

Dallas Cowboys fans tend to be the most sensitive group of fans around and there is no need to overreact to some bogus list that doesn’t mean anything. It’s the summer and it should be chilling time for Cowboys fans; so sit back in an air conditioned place and ignore the ridiculous lists.

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