It's Time to Put the Colin Kaepernick Miami Dolphins Cap Controversy to Rest

By Dan Parzych
Colin Kaepernick
(Kelley L. Cox/USA Today Sports)

For some reason, one of the biggest headlines from the last couple of days has involved San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and how he was recently spotted wearing a hat of the Miami Dolphins–which has caused quite the controversy. Sure, it’s understandable why this would be a big deal to some people considering they would rather see him wear gear of the team he plays for, but it’s time to cut Kaepernick a break since this is far from a big deal.

Professional athletes have every right to wear whatever they please and just because Kaepernick plays for San Francisco–this shouldn’t stop him from supporting gear from a different team. Just because Kaepernick decides to rock a Miami hat doesn’t make him a traitor or mean he’s going against his team–he’s simply just deciding to wear whatever he thinks looks good.

Even if they aren’t a real fan, that hasn’t stopped people from wearing hats of different teams before and just because someone is a professional athlete doesn’t mean the rule should be different. It would be one thing if Kaepernick was doing something to help the Dolphins win games, but that’s obviously far from the case.

In a league where players are getting arrested left and right, we’re going to sit around and show concern over the 49ers starting quarterback wearing a hat of a different team? Fans must really be going through football withdrawal if they’re going to make a big deal over stuff like this–so let’s hope September gets here fast.

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