Lance Easley Should be Ashamed of How He’s Treating Blown Call in Green Bay Packers Game

By Michael Terrill
Lance Easley Should be Ashamed of How He’s Treating Blown Call in Green Bay Packers Game
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Former NFL replacement referee Lance Easley, who blew the call in the third game of the season between the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks that cost the Packers a victory, must stop going on a city-wide tour of Seattle. Easley should not be walking around town in a referee uniform taking pictures with fans and players while holding his hands above his head signaling a touchdown. In fact, he should be ashamed of how he is trying to collect on his celebrity.

Green Bay had the game won against Seattle. They were leading 12-7 before Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson tossed up a deep pass in Golden Tate’s direction. Tate clearly pushed off Sam Shields and never at any point gained control of the ball. In fact, cameras clearly showed safety M.D. Jennings had successfully intercepted the pass as he had more control of the ball than Tate did while the two laid on the grass in the back of the end zone. Unfortunately, Easley decided he must become a part of history instead of being an invisible bystander whose job was simply to make the right call.

When MLB umpire Jim Joyce blew the call that would have given Armando Galarraga a perfect game, he didn’t go on a city-wide tour to collect on his infamous act. He apologized profusely and even appeared at the ESPYs next to Galarraga to show how good sportsmanship can overcome any poor decision.

I am not trying to compare a perfect game to what happened in Seattle on Sept. 24. However, Easley’s colossal mistake did have repercussions that Green Bay fans were afraid of. Instead of the Packers hosting the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Divisional round, they had to travel to Candlestick Park. Would Colin Kaepernick have been as effective in freezing cold weather? Unfortunately, no one will ever know.

As a Packers fan, I was furious that Easley blew an obvious call. I also was disappointed at the time because I had a bad feeling his decision could affect Green Bay’s playoff seed. The fact that Easley was quoted after the game stating he made the right call even after he saw the footage made me even angrier. With all of that being said, I can forgive his mistake because these things happen in sports. However, Easley taking pictures with players and fans with a big, fat smile on his face is an absolute disgrace.

If that wasn’t enough, this joker is writing a book about his mark on the NFL titled “Making the Call: Living with Your Decisions”. He even has a website that only exists to further hype the blown call and promote his existence as the guy who still believes the right decision was made on Monday Night Football.

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