Will Seattle Seahawks Fans Break Guinness World Record?

By Michael Terrill
Will Seattle Seahawks Fans Break Guinness World Record
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Many believe the Seattle Seahawks have a legitimate shot at going the distance in 2013. One way the fans will attempt to start the season on a good note is by breaking the Guinness world record for loudest stadium noise during a single sporting event. The crazy part about it is the Seahawks fans have a great chance at accomplishing the feat, especially since arguably the nosiest stadium in the NFL will have a reason to be the loudest it has ever been.

The current record in the Guinness Book of World Records for the loudest stadium is 131.76 decibels, which was set at the Ali Sami Yen Sport Complex Turk Telekom Arena in Istanbul, Turkey during a soccer match in 2011. To put that in perspective, a plane taking off usually falls into the 120 to 140 decibel range. The loudest CenturyLink Field has ever been is 112 decibels. However, like I said, with all of the fans trying to be the loudest they have ever been at the same time, I truly believe the record has a good chance to fall.

A Guinness Book of World Record judge will be in attendance at CenturyLink Field for Seattle’s 2013 home opener on Sept. 15. The contest will be against the San Francisco 49ers, a game that will most definitely not disappoint considering how the teams stacked up last season.

The 12th man was guaranteed to be booming with the NFC Conference Champions coming to town, but I cannot imagine the noise level will be with a Guinness world record on the line as well.

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