Carolina Panthers Training Camp Profile: Armanti Edwards

By Andrew Fisher
Armanti Edwards

The Carolina Panthers are an intriguing team in this year’s NFC. They’ve been hovering slightly below the .500 mark for the past two years, but this is the season where fans will start to expect more. The Panthers are a unique team, because you can see them going both ways. They could easily finish where they have the past two years, and there’s definitely a scenario where they make the playoffs.

For this team to make the postseason, they’re going to need a few players to emerge. Armanti Edwards is a good candidate to be one of those players, because so far he’s impressing everybody at Panthers’ offseason workouts. This will be his fourth season, and this year he’ll be hoping to do more than just make the final roster.

Normally there wouldn’t be any buzz about a receiver who only has five career receptions (all in 2012), but Edwards has been that good at Panthers’ OTAs. He’s a former college quarterback, so it’s possible that he’s just now starting to come into his own as a receiver.

As far as his spot on the team, fans should expect to see Edwards battle for the No. 5 receiver spot. The top four spots are expected to go to Steve Smith, Brandon LaFell, Ted Ginn Jr. and Domenik Hixon. This likely leaves two open spots for Edwards, Kealoha Pilares, Joe Adams and David Gettis.

If Carolina can get solid production from a receiver like Edwards who’s a little ways down the depth chart, it will wonders for making their offense more dynamic. The 2013 Panthers need to be more explosive, and maybe getting the ball in the hands of Edwards will help them do that.


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