Chicago Bears Training Camp Profile: Josh McCown

By M. Quann Boyd
Josh McCown
Eric P. Mull USA Today Sports

Josh McCown has been with the Chicago Bears on and off since the 2011 season, and despite some of the beatings that he’s received on the field behind the atrocious Chicago offensive line in spot duty for Jay Cutler, McCown has proven himself to be more than a serviceable backup quarterback. Now entering into the Bears 2013 training camp, one would presume that he’s still the next man up on the depth chart should Cutler miss any time on the field due to injury.

Well, hold your horses. Not so fast.

Despite McCown’s many years of professional football service between the NFL and UFL, one could assume at this stage of his career that he is looked upon as simply a coach in cleats, and that his best attributes is that of a player that’s great at holding a clip board and pointing out potential on-the-field problems and solutions to Cutler.

Best case scenario for McCown is that he holds onto the second string quarterback position; however, for that to occur, the 11-year professional QB must hold off hard charging Matt Blanchard. And that is the true challenge for McCown entering training camp as the Bears first-year coach Marc Trestman has seemed to already have taken a liking to Blanchard.

The one advantage that McCown has over Blanchard at this point are his years of professional football service. By him bouncing around the league and playing under so many coaches with their own offensive systems, McCown should not have a problem with picking up Trestman’s expected West Coast offense, while if Blanchard has any problems, it will keep him as the emergency quarterback for the foreseeable future.


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