Criticizing San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick for Picture with Miami Dolphins Hat is Senseless

Colin Kaepernick Dolphins Hat

Kelley L. Cox – USA Today Sports Images

Over the course of this week, there have been a number of people that have thrown strong and critical statements at San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick because he posted a picture to Instagram and pictures of him surfaced on Twitter of him wearing a hat featuring the Miami Dolphins’ logo.

Some people have questioned his loyalty to the 49ers and are worried whether or not he can be their quarterback of the future if he’s out sporting a Dolphins hat. Here’s the thing that those people are overlooking, though: he’s wearing a hat, not signing a multi-year contract.

It’s understandable why it might be weird or a tad unsettling to see one team’s star quarterback holding or wearing another team’s apparel, but it’s really not a big deal at all. He looked in his closet (or wherever Kaepernick happens to keep his hats) and thought that the Miami hat would look good with what he was wearing. That’s literally all there is to this story.

Kaepernick is clearly one of the biggest pieces on the 49ers roster right now. Since taking over the starting quarterback duties last season, he revolutionized San Francisco’s offense and made them incredibly more dynamic. You know what doesn’t take away his ability as a leader and as a football player? Wearing a Dolphins hat.

Fashion is a big deal to a lot of professional athletes these days. They want to keep up appearances, make sure everything with how they look is in order so that they are presenting the best possible image of themselves to the public. They aren’t trying to send subliminal messages, they are simply wearing clothes. If you read anymore into it than that, you’re wrong.

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  • julian rogers

    I have to disagree. It’s classless, immature and disrespectful to his employer and millions of fans. It’s reflective of an intellect that does not get the magnitude of the role he plays. He is the new face of the franchise. To wear another NFL team’s hat and then double down on the error by getting defensive about it is a very poor reflection on him.

    • Joel Ankerich

      Wearing a hat is classless, immature and disrespectful, really? I disagree, it is the fans who are classless and immature to think they can dictate what a player wears on vacation.

      • julian rogers

        If you ever come across such a situation where fans are dictating what a player wears, let us all know. However, when someone like Kaepernick TAKES THE MONEY, there is a certain responsibility that goes along with it. You don’t rub your generous employer’s nose, who provided you wealth and fame, in a pile of something foul. Like when you wear the logo of one of your competitors.

        • Farva55

          Blah blah blah blah blah

    • Farva55

      You are 100% wrong. It’s a hat. Nothing more. Nothing less.

  • Joel Ankerich

    People who don’t get it, don’t get it. It’s like explainnig a joke, it loses something. I am so disappointed in Herm Edwards, I thought he had class, but to say the 49ers own Kaep 24/7 is wrong. I think it is the media who has a problem with stars defending their right to be an individual as well as your idol. I am proud that he has the common sense to Not listen to the mob. You haters weren’t fans three years ago anyway and if you were then suck it up and show some class.

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