Houston Texans: Opponents Foolishly Assess Andre Johnson as 'Losing a Step'

By Ryan Heckman
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports


What would you call a wide receiver, regardless of age, who put up 112 catches last season totaling 1,598 yards? Productive. That’s it. Period.

In recent reports from NFL.com, familiar opponents of Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson have apparently said of the 32 year-old veteran that he is ‘losing a step.’

I’m not sure what to make of these critics’ opinions. Maybe they are upset that they continually get outplayed by a wideout in his 30’s. Maybe they just can’t shake that fact. I don’t know. But, what I do know is, Johnson doesn’t deserve such criticism.

So he may be getting a bit older, and actually could show signs of performing at a bit of a slower pace — in that respect, sure he may be losing a step. But why even bring it up?

That’s like saying for the past four or five years that Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis had ‘lost a step.’ Well, duh. Of course he has gotten a bit slower with age. Did that make him less productive, and most importantly, intimidating? Absolutely not.

Here’s the thing: As long as Johnson continues to produce, there’s no reason for criticism in any aspect of his game, even if it is true. Save the criticism for when his numbers finally dip below what would be called a productive player.

Even at 32 years old, Johnson’s size and ability to flat out catch the ball make him one of the best in the game and he should be noted as that for the next few years despite his age. Critics can say what they want about him, but Johnson will continue to burn his opponents on the field.

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