Indianapolis Colts 2013 Breakout Candidate: Coby Fleener

By Lucas Carreras
Coby Fleener Indianapolis Colts
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Coby Fleener had a very good start to his NFL career in 2012. Through his first seven games, he had 21 receptions and was contributing early to what was a bounce-back season for the Indianapolis Colts.

Yet the final nine games of the 2012 season for Fleener frustrated, as a shoulder injury reduced his production to a level far below what he did in the first half of the season, reflected by the fact he had just five receptions in those nine games.

As heads into the 2013 season, a fully fit Fleener promises and intends to play like the player who fans saw in the first seven games — a player that proved to be a valuable target for Andrew Luck.

Even though he split time at the tight end position with fellow rookie Dwayne Allen, it was Fleener who was the clear-cut no. 1 given that he is the better receiver of the two and also has the advantage of having been Luck’s teammate at Stanford.

What works to Fleener’s advantage is that he can be lined up off the line of scrimmage and therefore create some mismatches against opposition safeties, who drop into the box in order to cover him one-on-one.

Prior to his injury, Fleener was on course to end the 2012 season with 52 receptions. If fully healthy, Fleener could potentially end up with 50-60 receptions during the 2013 season. Oftentimes, a season can be derailed because of an injury. Because of that, Fleener may be a player that is flying below the radar for many who follow the Colts.

But to not follow him or keep and eye out would be a mistake, as a healthy Fleener for 2013 promises to be a potential breakout candidate.

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