Minnesota Vikings: Moving Joe Webb to Wide Receiver Prolongs the Inevitable

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The Minnesota Vikings‘ quarterback controversy is far from over. Signing former Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel will only further the questions and criticism regarding current starter Christian Ponder.

One part of the controversy is over, however. Third string quarterback Joe Webb has been moved to wide receiver because Minnesota would like to try and utilize his athleticism rather than keeping him on the bench. The problem is, they never really gave him a chance at quarterback and could have stunted his growth from happening elsewhere.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think Webb was ever going to be a great quarterback. But, the Vikings never made it a possibility to begin with. After drafting him in 2010, they have continued to sign and draft quarterbacks to start ahead of him.

Fans have clamored for the three year veteran to be put into the starting lineup under center for a while now — foolishly, I might add. Webb has plenty of speed and athleticism, but just cannot make the throws necessary to be a formidable quarterback in the NFL. We are talking about Vikings fans though. Don’t forget they’re desperate to finally win it all, and apparently are willing to try anything to do so.

As he transitions to wide receiver, I have already heard many analysts around Minnesota predicting that he will wind up being fifth or sixth on the depth chart even at wide receiver. This leads me to believe the Vikings don’t have much use for the 26 year-old, and he may be on his way out of a Vikings uniform.

If Webb doesn’t have a shot at playing quarterback and ends up being cut during training camp, I don’t see his career heading anywhere soon. There may be a few teams who would give him a shot at quarterback in a specialized package, but whether that is this year or next year is another question.

This season, be prepared to watch Webb either sitting on a bench or watching games from home. The Vikings never used him, nor gave him a chance to develop, and because of that fact his career is looking more and more like it could end sooner rather than later.

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  • Dale Ducheneaux

    OMG didn’t give him a chance!!! If you can’t read defenses you can read defenses! If you don’t have the arm to make accurate throws. Now thats 2 strikes! Please!

  • Tyler Hills

    This is a great move for everyone. They will only carry two QBs so Webb can be the #3 emergency QB on game day. He will also be your 5th WR with a chance to develop into a pretty good pass catcher. Plus he can play all the special teams. It only makes sense. He is one of the best athletes on the team. You have to find a way to keep him around. He makes the team better.

  • Anton

    “We are talking about Vikings fans though. Don’t forget they’re desperate to finally win it all, and apparently are willing to try anything to do so.”>>
    Uh, news flash for you dude, so is every other team out there, including the defending SB champs… You don’t think 49er fans, or Dallas fans, Seattle, Atlanta or the fans of the other 31 teams are in the same boat as Viking fans? What a moron, seems like this joker (Ryan Heckman) only wants to bash instead of write positive.