NFL Free Agents: Top 25 Your Team Could Sign Before Training Camp

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Top 25: Remaining NFL Free Agents

Mark J. Rebilas-USA Today Sports

We're a mere few weeks away from Training Camp, but there's still a lot of great talent hanging around in free agent purgatory. I've made a list of the top 25 still available that could be of great use to all of the 32 teams.

I was apprehensive on taking on this assignment at first, with the thought being that there wouldn't be enough good names to comprise this list. Of course, what happened when comprising this list was the complete opposite. There were so many good names it was overwhelming.

Obviously, everyone on the list has some sort of issue in one way or the other, but if any of these guys didn't have injury, money, age and declining skill issues, they all would have been signed by now. Not everyone will agree with my list, but who agrees with any list that's put out that isn't their own? Seriously.

Every position, even kicker was eligible to go on the list. I'm more of an offensive guy, so there's more offense represented (14), then the defense (10), and one special team guy. A lot of the names on here are obvious one's and I do admit I reached on a few, but you'll all find out soon enough.

That's it for now. I hope you all enjoy this list as it took quite a bit of time to come up with. I'd love to hear feedback whether positive, negative or indifferent. Without further ado, it's time to start the show, so start clicking away at those tabs in the upper right hand corner. Enjoy.

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25. Lawrence Tynes

Geoff Burke-USA Today Sports

Felt obligated to put at least one kicker on here. Might as well be the one with two Super Bowl wins.

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24. Jeff Otah

The Star-Ledger

This one's kind of a reach, I must admit considering he failed two physicals with the New York Jets, but call me crazy, I like this guy. Third times the charm?

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23. Michael Turner

Daniel Shirey-USA Today Sports

I know Michael Turner is kind of damaged goods now, but he could still be useful. As a back up short yardage/goal line back, keep him under 150 carries and all will be well.

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22. Justin Bannan

Mark J. Rebilas-USA Today Sports

Kind of an under the radar guy. Justin Bannan is a little small for a defensive lineman, but he always plays hard and has a lot of heart.

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21. Early Doucet

Mark J. Rebilas-USA Today Sports

Early, what a great name. Wouldn't it be ironic if he was late all the time? Anyway I like this guy, he's tough and can go over the middle. He has definitely been held down by bad QBs.

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20. Steve Breaston

Danny Medley-USA Today Sports

See Early Doucet.

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19. Kevin Smith

Mike Carter-USA Today Sports

Kevin Smith has had his moments over the years, but due to injuries and not being given much of a chance by the Detroit Lions, Smith has never really lived up to expectations. He's still on the right side of 30. He is definitely worth a look for teams that need running back depth.

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18. Tim Hightower

Paul Frederiksen-USA Today Sports

Here's another running back that's been up, down and everything in between. Just like Kevin Smith, he's still young and could have plenty to offer for the right team.

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17. Nate Clements

Frank Victores-USA Today Sports

I've always thought that Nate Clements was a little overrated, and now he's old and overrated (will be 34 next season). Still, he's an experienced body that can play corner or safety. He is definitely a depth guy at this point in his career.

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16. Kyle Vanden Bosch

Mark J. Rebilas-USA Today Sports

Old and declining in production, right? Only two seasons ago Kyle Vanden Bosch had eight sacks. Everyone needs situational pass rushers, right?

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15. Brandon Stokley

Ron Chenoy-USA Today Sports

I've always liked Brandon Stokley. He's a crafty little receiver that can really shine with the right quarterback. A little bit on the old side, but he could be a great asset to a team like the New England Patriots. The Cincinnati Bengals could be a good fit as well.

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14. Nick Barnett

Mark J. Rebilas

Nick Barnett is another guy on the wrong side of 30, but could be a nice addition to a team like the Baltimore Ravens, who could still use some more depth at the inside linebacker spot.

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13. Byron Leftwich

Charles LeCluire-USA Today Sports

Ah, my only quarterback on the list. Byron Leftwich could still be a capable back up that could fill in for a few games. Of course, he could probably start over the two bums on his former team, the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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12. Rashean Mathis

Kevin Hoffman-USA Today Sports

Why the New England Patriots haven't pounced on this guy is baffling to me. Rashean Mathis had kind of a down year last year, but was also playing for one of the worst teams on the league. Put this guy on a better team and watch what happens.

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11. Keith Brooking

Mark J. Rebilas

At the age of 37, Keith Brooking probably only has one year left. He's still smart and has great leadership. A return to the Atlanta Falcons could be good for him and could give him one more shot for the gold.

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10. Dallas Clark

Matt Stamey-USA Today Sports

The only tight end I have on this is the great Dallas Clark. I hate to sound like a broken record, but he could be a nice fit for the Patriots, who are clearly having tight end issues right now.

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9. Brandon Moore

Greg M. Cooper-USA Today Sports

Clearly the best guard left on the market, this dude could be patched into any offensive line right now. Too bad he is known for being involved in the infamous Mark Sanchez butt fumble on Thanksgiving Night.

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8. Quintin Mikell

Mark J. Rebilas-USA Today Sports

A very good safety that's somehow still on the market. I guess a lot of teams are apprehensive about shelling out big bucks to a 33-year-old. Apparently, the Carolina Panthers are in talks with Quintin Mikell right now. He'd be a nice fit there because as it is now, the Panthers secondary sucks.

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7. Kerry Rhodes

Mark J. Rebilas-USA Today Sports

Kerry Rhodes is another great safety still left on the market. Some teams may be scared off due to rumors of Rhodes' sexual orientation. If the dude can play, what does it matter I say? He should go to Jacksonville, as nobody gets any attention there.

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6. Brandon Lloyd

Greg M. Cooper-USA Today Sports

Definitely the best name available as far as wide receivers are concerned. Brandon Lloyd could make a lot of sense for a team like the San Francisco 49ers, who will be missing Michael Crabtree for most of the year.

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5. Eric Winston

Kim Klement-USA Today Sports

A great right tackle who had a somewhat sub par season with a 2-14 team. Eric Winston has been linked to a lot of teams, like Detroit, Miami and Washington. Although I've heard no rumors of it, Winston to the Pittsburgh Steelers would be a nice fit because that line has been terrible for years.

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4. Willis McGahee

Ron Chenoy-USA Today Sports

I'll always have a soft spot for Willis McGahee. Before a season ending injury, McGahee was still performing well. Still, he needs to go somewhere he doesn't have to be the workhorse back. He was perfect as the dangerous change of pace back with the Baltimore Ravens. The Miami Dolphins would be a decent fit, as well as the St. Louis Rams.

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3. Vonta Leach

Mark J. Rebilas-USA Today Sports

We all know Vonta Leach is a Pro Bowler and probably the best of the dying fullback position left in the league. Leach still eats linebackers for breakfast. The Miami Dolphins are considered the favorite to land him, but I'd prefer if he went to the New York Giants, so my team (Ravens) barely has to play him. I can dream right?

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2. Richard Seymour

Kirby Lee-USA Today Sports

An all pro defensive lineman that's been stuck in NFL Siberia for years (Oakland). He now has a chance to be a key player again. He would have made sense for the Atlanta Falcons, but that fell through. Maybe a reunion with his old team the Patriots is in order? Or how about the Denver Broncos? That could be scary.

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1. John Abraham

Josh P. Weiss-USA Today Sports

Surprise, surprise. John Abraham is No. 1. Even more surprising was how a 35-year-old man was just about the only pass rush for the Atlanta Falcons. There's still a lot left in the tank from what I've seen. Just like Richard Seymour, Abraham would be a scary addition to the Denver Broncos. Like they need to be any more scary