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Washington Redskin Gets Hate Mail For Delaying Military Career

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Redskins and America

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Washington Redskins FB Eric Kattani revealed via an interview to the NFL Network that he received “hate mail” for his decision to pursue an NFL career over previously finishing his military service.

Kattani attended the United States Naval Academy, playing football for the Navy Midshipmen team, and graduated in 2009.  Immediately after college, Kettani signed with the New England Patriots as an undrafted free agent and later signed to the Patriot’s practice squad.  However, later in 2011, Kattani was recalled to the Navy.  He later resigned with the Patriots in 2012, but was cut for final roster cuts.

After playing a brief period on the Patriots practice squad, Kattani signed with the Redskins practice squad on September 11, 2012.  Currently, he is on a reserve contract with the Redskins.

So how does an NFL football player simultaneously serve in the Navy?  This does seem confusing and probably why a hateful person decided to voice his/her absurd opinion via “hate mail.”  However, it is not only completely possible, but sanctioned, approved and preferred by the United States Government.  So, who is right?  The US Government or one “hate mailer.”

After Kattani served three years in the Navy, he negotiated a deal with the Department of Defense to allow him to play in the NFL.  This deal states that as long as he serves seven years in the Naval reserves while simultaneously doing public-affairs work, he can continue his NFL career.  The Navy even promoted Kattani to the rank of lieutenant in a ceremony that Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan and running back coach Bobby Turner were in attendance.

This is an amazing opportunity that the Navy just so happened to stumble upon.  There will be so much more media attention brought to the Navy through Kattani’s NFL career.  Kattani will be able to do much more for the US through recruiting, promotion and raising American morale than just being another unidentifiable seaman.

Obviously, the “hate mailer” did not think any of this through before deciding to voice his ridiculous hate-filled opinion.

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