2013 NFL Supplemental Draft: Will Nate Holloway Be Selected?

By Curt Popejoy
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL supplemental draft is an opportunity for college football players who have fallen on circumstances often beyond their control to enter into the NFL.

In nearly every case, these are players are without a home, with no college to return to and still holding onto their dream to play professional football. Most seasons, the supplemental draft comes and goes without much fanfare. The 2013 NFL supplemental draft lacks the flashy prospects of some in the past, but there are still some fascinating players.

One of those players is former UNLV defensive tackle Nate Holloway.

The thing that stands out about Holloway is his size. At 6-foot-3 and a Diet Coke short of 365 pounds, he’s a massive individual. As a pure 0 technique nose tackle prospect, there will be teams who might want to dip their toe in the water, so to speak. Holloway’s problems that kept him off the field during his time in college centered around academics and with the current push in the NFL to stick to high-character players, this is a big red flag.

In terms of his play, there isn’t a lot to go on. Holloway is a good athlete for his size, having been an accomplished four-sport high school athlete, but his specific football skills are raw. His power is legit, but he plays with almost no technique, so it rarely shows. There’s almost no chance Holloway is drafted, but if he has an aspirations of making an NFL training camp, it will be on his measureables and raw skills. 

With so many teams running a 3-4 base defense, there’s always a chance that some team will try and stash him away on a practice squad to see if he can get his head on straight and learn how to use his gifts to benefit him on the field.

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