DeMarco Murray's Comments on Tony Romo Proves His Dallas Cowboys Teammates Believe in Him

By Ben Grimaldi
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

There has been plenty said about the Dallas Cowboys and their quarterback over the past few years, most of which every Cowboys fans has heard before. However, despite everything that’s been said about Tony Romo, it’s nice to know he hasn’t lost the faith of his teammates.

DeMarco Murray confirmed the player’s belief in Romo when he spoke up for the teams quarterback on ESPN yesterday. Murray was asked about the pressure of playing for the Dallas Cowboys and if Tony Romo deserved all the criticism thrown his way?

“I don’t think it’s Tony Romo himself. We have to have guys on the outside stepping up, guys in the front five stepping up and guys in the backfield stepping up. It’s not all on his head. He gets a lot of criticism, a lot of the blame. As individuals, we have a lot of talent and we have to make plays for him.”

No one can look at those comments and not know that Tony Romo has the complete backing from his teammates. Don’t underestimate just how important that trust in Romo is because it is a huge deal for the Cowboys and it’s vital to their success. It’s quite simple, if your team doesn’t believe in their quarterback, they have no chance to win in the NFL.

Tony Romo’s teammates believe in him and that’s all that matters. Which means no matter what anyone says about Romo, no matter how negative people are towards the current quarterback of the Cowboys, it doesn’t make a difference to Romo or the team.

Ron Jaworski, or anyone else, can rank Tony Romo wherever they want on the list of quarterbacks; the bottom line is the Dallas Cowboys believe in Romo. They are the ones who sweat, fight, bleed and play with Tony Romo, so if they believe in him, perhaps more people should.   

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