New England Patriots Need to Cut Ties With CB Alfonzo Dennard Following Second Arrest

By Paul Seaver
Bob DeChiara-USA Today Sports

The 2013 off-season has been one to forget for the New England Patriots. The team and the term “arrested” has become a common theme, mainly because of the murder charges that were handed down against former star tight end, Aaron Hernandez.

On Thursday morning however, additional news surfaced concerning troubled cornerback, Alfonzo Dennard. For the second time in 15 months, Dennard was arrested, this time for a DUI in Lincoln, Nebraska. Ironically enough, the arrest came in the same city as his prior one, which was for assaulting a police officer. Dennard was given a suspended sentence for the charge, but he must serve 30 days in jail beginning next March.

Now however, this latest arrest put him in an even worse bind. More so, it puts the Patriots in a bind and at the wrong time.

New England needs to cut ties with Dennard following this second arrest — there really shouldn’t be any other way around it. Albeit the Hernandez case has nothing to do with this, it’s still just another negative image that is reflecting an organization that has taken pride in a “flawless” system. Dennard is eventually going to jail himself, he could’ve been cut following that first legal offense, but New England stuck with him despite his sentencing earlier this off-season.

Now, he’s been arrested again — New England needs to just get rid of him, end of story.

The Patriots don’t need to rebuild their image, what happened with Hernandez could not have been expected, but there’s no doubt that the negativity falls on in their direction. The same would apply in relation to Dennard. New England wants players that will serve as role models, Dennard isn’t one of them and the past 15 months have proven that.


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