New York Jets 2013 Season Preview: Week 1

By Jeremy Goldstein
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

This will be the first of my new series detailing my predictions for the New York Jets in the 2013 season. And like all seasons, the Jets must start with Week 1, this year against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

And unfortunately, my hopes are not very high for Gang Green. Here’s why:

1) Please, if any of the Jets front office or coaching staff is reading this, or any players, tell Mark Sanchez to NOT THROW TO DARRELLE REVIS. DO. NOT. DO IT. I don’t care that he is coming off an injury or that he might not be as well acquainted with the Tampa Bay defense. The last thing I need is to see one of my ex favorite team players snatch the ball away and get a pick-six. It would sicken me more than the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie (yeah, I watched it). Why Mark Sanchez throwing the ball you ask?

2) Mark Sanchez will be the starting quarterback. I know, Jets fans, I know. But all signs are pointing to a week one start for Sanchez, who reportedly has been getting the new playbook quicker than Geno Smith. But perhaps this is a good thing. Perhaps Sanchez should throw the ball to Darrelle Revis and get replaced sooner rather than later, lest we have to save our boos for the horrible stretch of games beginning in Week 5.

3) Tampa Bay is on the rise. The past few years the team has been a “two-steps forward one-step back” kind of club, and quarterback Josh Freeman is still learning how to be consistent. But this year should be forward for the team, which now has all the pieces in place to compete strongly within their division. Freeman has a great teammate in running back Doug Martin and has weapons with the addition of Vincent Jackson. The Jets’ only hope for a decent game is if the defense matches up, which it can pretty reasonably. Antonio Cromartie can cover Jackson, and hopefully the young Jets defensive line can stop the “Muscle Hamster.”

4)The Jets offense won’t be able to make a breach. With Santonio Holmes still looking to be out for the season, that means Revis will be put on Jeremy Kerley. The only bright spot will be the Jets run game, if that. Backs Chris Ivory, Joe McKnight and Bilal Powell must put the game on their shoulders and hope Warren Sapp doesn’t come out of retirement.

In summation, this game has a 70/30 chance of not going the Jets’ way, and might end up being the spark necessary to oust Sanchez from under center.

Final Score: Tampa Bay – 21 Jets – 10

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