What is the NFL Supplemental Draft?

By Scott DelleFave
NFL Supplimental Draft
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Today is the big day of the NFL Supplemental Draft!

Okay, so it’s no where near as big of day as the NFL Draft that happens in April, but sometimes some great players fall the cracks and get taken here. An extremely common question is just what the heck is the Supplemental Draft!? Well, it’s designed to accommodate players who didn’t enter the regular draft.

Usually, there is a disciplinary reason why they weren’t eligible for the normal draft such as academics or other violation of team rules. Also, simply the player could have filed his draft papers too late, thus making him ineligible for the draft.

It works differently too. For instance, if a team wants a player in the supplemental draft, they submit a bid to the commissioner with the round they would pick that player. If there is no other team places a bid on that player at an earlier spot, the team is awarded the player and has to give up an equivalent pick in the following year’s draft.

A great example of this would be last year when the Cleveland Browns took wide receiver Josh Gordon in the second round of this supplemental draft, and no team out bid them. As a result in the this season NFL Draft, the Browns didn’t have a second round pick.

That’s extremely risky since there were plenty of excellent players that fell and they could have had  first-round talent at the second round price point. It’s even more apparent now that it has been announced that Gordon has been suspended for the first two games of the regular season after apparently failing a drug test.

All and all, is it worth it to take a player in the supplemental draft? Sometimes a team might get a Hall-of-Famer like Cris Carter, or might get a player like Brian Bosworth, who came out with a ton of hype and never materialized into anything worthwhile on the field.

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