Cincinnati Bengals: A.J. Green is Doing Something Not Even Calvin Johnson Did

By Ryan Heckman


Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

For those of you who are Cincinnati Bengals fans, you have all had the pleasure of watching one of the most consistent, exciting and talented wide receivers in the NFL for two straight seasons absolutely destroy your foes in the AFC North. A.J. Green has straight up dominated the opposing defenses since entering the league in 2011 out of Georgia.

Green has compiled 162 catches for 2,407 yards and 18 touchdowns in just 31 games. Not even Julio Jones or Calvin ‘Megatron’ Johnson did that in their first two years. With the pace he’s on now, when does he reach his plateau, or for lack of a better word, prime?

At just 24 years old, Green’s potential is one of the highest I can remember since watching Randy Moss tear up the league like he was a man among boys in his first few years. I mean, he is that good. It helps that he has been truly the only legitimate option in that offense since entering the pro’s, but nonetheless he has Bengals fans excited.

With already accomplishing so much in two fantastic years, what’s in store for 2013? Well, without wanting to get your hopes too high, I honestly believe he will put up an even better year than he did in 2012. Quarterback Andy Dalton is improving each season and knows it’s on him to get this team to the next level.

The addition of rookie tight end Tyler Eifert should also take a bit of pressure off of Green, if all goes according to plan. Eifert, coming into the draft, was looked at as a top-10 pick and maybe even a top six or seven prospect by some because of his versatility at the position.

Green has only scratched the surface of how good he can be in the NFL. He’s still learning. Two years doesn’t make you a legend by any means, and Green will continue to learn different tactics and techniques to help him attack the defenses he sees on a weekly basis. He’ll get stronger, smarter and only grow his arsenal of weapons used to throttle his opponents.

As he does this, I encourage his opposition to go ahead and get ready for the fight of their life, because this guy is ready to all-out embarrass the competition in 2013.

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