Donavan McNabb: Baltimore Ravens' Ray Rice Fumbles Too Much

By Wola Odeniran
Ray Rice
Mark J. Rebilas- USA Today Sports

It’s really interesting that Donavan McNabb is very vocal with players these days, considering the fact that he has been criticized in his playing career for not being vocal enough. McNabb’s latest target is Ray Rice.

Now, McNabb didn’t have anything disrespectful to say about Rice, and I respect the QB’s opinion. That said, he recently said live on NFL Network that Rice has fumbling issues, and I think it was a bit of hyperbole on his part.

McNabb said, “Ray Rice we know is a Pro Bowler and can make big plays for you, but he has a tendency of fumbling the ball entirely too much. So expect Bernard Pierce to really step up and be that guy”,

For one, Rice only fumbled one time during the regular season in 2012. And that one time he fumbled, he didn’t turn the ball over — so it is a stretch to act like Rice had issues holding on to the ball on a Tiki Barber level.

Now during the postseason, I agree that Rice had his issues. He fumbled three times and all three were turnovers. The most critical fumble came in the Super Bowl when the Baltimore Ravens nearly blew a 28-6 lead against the San Francisco 49rs.

Rice is one of the top three running backs in the game, and I think the veteran will keep that chip on his shoulder to prove the doubters wrong and hold on to the ball the entire season.

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