Donovan McNabb Should Do More Research On Baltimore Ravens Running Back Ray Rice

By Dan Abeshouse
Ray Rice
Ron Chenoy – USA TODAY Sports

How ironic is it that Philadelphia Eagles former All-Pro quarterback Donovan McNabb is unfairly criticizing someone when he himself was consistently criticized unfairly?

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m referencing some recent comments made by McNabb about Baltimore Ravens star running back Ray Rice. McNabb is quoted as saying “Ray Rice, to me, [he] fumbled the football entirely way too much last year,” McNabb said. “Ray Rice, we know, is a Pro-Bowler and can make big plays for you, but he has a tendency of fumbling the ball entirely too much. So expect Bernard Pierce to really step up and be that guy.”

Does McNabb even watch the games? Clearly he watched the playoffs where Rice had a total of three fumbles, I still say the first one against the Indianapolis Colts in the Wild Card Round should have been overturned, but you can’t win them all I guess. If McNabb had watched any of the regular season he would have known that Rice only fumbled once during the 16-game season. Yeah, he had a few dubious moments in the postseason, but probably not as many as McNabb thought.

As far as Pierce being “that guy,” it is a little ridiculous considering he’s only going into his second year. I do like Pierce a lot, though, and I think he could have a nice breakout season.

I find it strange that McNabb would make comments like that when he used to be the victim of similar comments as a player. Of course there was an incident on FOX NFL countdown where Rush Limbaugh, the ultimate wrestling heel of political mouthpieces, was fired for racially charged remarks about McNabb. At least McNabb has that going for him even though he didn’t really do anything.

If McNabb ever reads this, then I would say to him that you’re better then this, and I’m not the only one who thinks so. Give Rice the respect he deserves. Guy’s like Limbaugh can say stupid things without facts because that’s who he is. If you think Rice is going to have a bad year, then that’s fine; just come with some accurate facts. Thank you.

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