Fred Smoot's Big Mouth Keeps Running, Takes a Shot at Emmitt Smith

By Ben Grimaldi
Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

When Fred Smoot played in the NFL he was known for having one of the biggest mouths in the game. It appears as though some things never change because the former Washington Redskins and Minnesota Vikings cornerback recently took a shot at former Dallas Cowboys great Emmitt Smith.

According to the Washington Post, Smoot bashed the NFL’s all-time leading rusher.

“Nobody that meets Emmitt Smith likes Emmitt Smith,” Smoot said. “Have you ever heard anybody say, hey man, I met that Emmitt Smith and I really love him? Nobody likes Emmitt Smith. I don’t know if he’s just a jerk because he’s a Cowboy. I don’t know. He be rubbing people the wrong way.”

It’s no secret that players from the Cowboys and Redskins don’t like each because of their rivalry throughout the years but it’s also hard to take anything Smoot says too seriously. He’s one of those people who talks so much that you tend to tune them out because they’re always talking.

It’s pretty sad that Smoot felt a need to talk trash about Emmitt Smith since the two haven’t played against each other in years. Rarely has a bad word been spoken about Smith, who has a great reputation around the NFL. If asked, I’m guessing many more people would call Smoot a jerk than Smith, so it’s difficult to believe anything he says about a former rival.

Some things never change and unfortunately that means Fred Smoot continues to open his big mouth and talk nonsense. Luckily, no one takes his opinion too seriously.

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