Seattle Seahawks Training Camp: Brady Quinn Will Not Make Roster

By Todd Pheifer
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Just like every other team in the NFL, the Seattle Seahawks will need to make a number of cuts in training camp so that the roster can be ready for the season. Some cuts are easier to predict than others, but let us assume that one backup quarterback in particular will not be joining the Seahawks on the sideline at noisy Century Link Field.

Drum roll, please. One quarterback that will be cut will be … Brady Quinn!

This is not necessarily a shocking revelation, but to expand on a previous prediction, it might actually be a surprise if Quinn wasn’t cut in training camp. After all, Quinn is not exactly a reliable go-to quarterback that could be called upon to keep the offense moving if Russell Wilson were to go down.

There is more to the Seattle offense than handing off to Marshawn Lynch.

In simple terms, Quinn just isn’t very good. His best year in the NFL was probably 2009 when he threw for a grand total of eight touchdowns. Oh, and he threw seven picks that year. Quinn threw for all of 1,339 yards that season in 10 games of work. Not exactly notable-statistical accomplishments.

Who will take Quinn’s backup job? That is a pretty easy answer.

Say hello (again) to Tarvaris Jackson. Fans in Seattle remember “T-Jack” since he was the starter in 2011. The emergence of rookie phenom Russell Wilson made Jackson expendable, but he is back after enjoying a quiet year with the Buffalo Bills.

What does Jackson have going for him? Several things. There is an existing familiarity with Pete Carroll, the Seattle system and many of the current players. It says something that Jackson wanted to come back and that Seattle was willing to sign him. No hard feelings, apparently.

When Jackson was with the Seahawks, he had a very solid season. He certainly wasn’t spectacular, but he played through pain and finished the year with 3,091 yards, 14 touchdowns and 13 interceptions. Again, not stellar numbers but better than Quinn has ever mustered in the NFL.

One could argue that Quinn has more recent experience, since he played in 10 games in 2012 while Jackson was sitting on the bench and trying to keep warm in Buffalo. However, Quinn also sat for two entire seasons (2010 and 2011) and his 2012 season was not exactly a year of statistical dominance (1,141 yards, 2 touchdowns, eight interceptions).

Quinn was highly hyped coming out of legendary Notre Dame, but it is fair to suggest that he has never lived up to the expectations. There has never been a great deal of evidence that Quinn can be a franchise quarterback. At this point of Quinn’s career, any job is a good job. The opportunities to play are waning quickly.

Now, could Seattle keep three quarterbacks? Theoretically, yes. However, there are other positions on the team that would be more worthy of additional depth. Brady will get his reps and be allowed to compete for the backup job during training camp and perhaps preseason. In the end, it will most likely not work out for Quinn.

This may be Quinn’s last chance in the NFL. It doesn’t look good.

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