Arizona Cardinals: Calais Campbell Takes Unnecessary Shot at Former Teammates

By Andrew Fisher
Calais Campbell
Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals‘ struggles in 2012 have been well documented. Besides a solid defense, the team had nothing else going for it, and as a result, they finished dead last in the NFC West. The quarterback position was possibly the most shameful of all, and Arizona defensive lineman Calais Campbell hasn’t forgotten it.

Check out what Campbell had to say about his team’s chances in the division this year, and why their odds of winning it have gone up dramatically:

“I think it’s very likely we can win the division, yes. I respect every opponent in our division. Every one. But I think of it this way. We were able to hang in a bunch of our division games without a real quarterback. I don’t want to disrespect anyone but now we have a real quarterback to go with a good defense. When we play with a lead, we’re hard to beat. This is the first time in years that we have an offense that matches our defense.”

To translate that for former Cardinals’ QBs John Skelton and Kevin Kolb – zing!

While I find his comments mostly humorous, I wish he would have just kept his mouth shut on the former QBs. Campbell just comes across as Busch League for taking a shot like that at two former teammates. It’s not that don’t agree with him, it’s just that he should leave comments like that to people like me.

As far as the Cardinals winning the NFC West this year, I respect his confidence, but I’ll give that a snowball’s chance of happening.


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